Hit up Belfountain…again

I’ve been craving a good Latte for the past week.  There’s no place that makes THE perfect cup like The Shed in Belfountain (in my opinion!). 🙂  There are other reasons why I MUST bike today:

  • I need to get out of my ‘sluggish‘ mood that I had last week (I didn’t even go spinning!) 😯
  • I’ve been rather horrible with my diet last week
  • I need to get over my panic attack from last Sat’s Blue Mountain ride – hmmm, actually I was over it by last Tues 😎

Yep, it’s time to revisit Belfountain – I was there almost 2 months ago! 😀  I finally learned my lesson to waterproof electronics from last Sat’s thunderstorm ride (took me a while!).  I was out the door by 9AM after a carbo-breakfast, ziploc-ing my cell phone 😎 , & slathering some sunscreen (Meredith, I was using your L’oreal samples! 🙂 Will give you reviews soon!)

Zoom in!! Steepest hill on route to The Shed...not that bad

A sunny day calls for lots of cyclist on the road.  The LapDogs cycling club caught up to me.  They were so fast….at least a pace of 35km/hr.  I had the pleasure of riding with them for an unforgettable 15sec before I trailed way behind!

After biking the mountains at Blue Mountains, the hills today were…..a piece of cake.  Mind you, I was taking it easy today with speed (saving energy for another ride tomorrow).  But I was my legs were definitely not complaining much.

What a good day to practice biking with my butt off the saddle (my next goal) :D.  I’ve been practicing all last week with my commuter bike while commuting to work.  I was a bit wobbly today; nonetheless, I pedaled up several hills without sitting.  I need to work on riding up in a straight line! 😮

I took a different route today than last time – distance increased but I avoided the stretch of road that was restricted to one lane due to construction.  I was so thrilled when I finally arrived. 😀  A cycling club was already there.  The Shed is quite a famous rest stop for bikers…..both cyclists & motorcyclists.

A popular stop for cyclists
An inside view. Can't capture on pic, but the bike decor is fabulous!

I ordered a regular skim Latte.  Note to self: they only accept cash.  Thank goodness I brought $5 cash!  The latte didn’t come in a bowl like last time & the Latte art wasn’t as impressive.  But the taste was just as yummy!  A Latte & a Larabar…..my favourite drink & snack!  Just absolute bliss. 😀

Absolute Bliss!

The Shed sells a “peanut butter trail mix bar” which I MUST try next time…..maybe next weekend? 😀  I was so relaxed on their lounge chairs under the sun with my snacks.  I took a short nap….so reluctant to leave 😦 .

Alas, I must head back.  The total distance was 79km….further than last time but took less time!  😀

I’m excited for another bike ride tomorrow…..with Luch!!  Remember him??? 😀

7 thoughts on “Hit up Belfountain…again

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  1. Firstly thank you for using my samples! I have at least 10 other products waiting for you to review!!

    Get me a bike because I need to try this latte. It looks amazing! I had a great latte recently too! Get ready for the amazing coffee-you’ll be getting that soon!!

    1. Whoa, 10 products! What’s my deadline? 🙂
      I’ll give you an allowance to drive there. The Latte is just Heaven, Meredith! The foam is velvety, the espresso is perfectly brewed, yum. I cannot wait for that coffee!! whoohoo, the best! 😀

      1. Cherry I was channeling you or something….I tried out a new place close to my house and I had a latte. It was wonderful. I added a sprinkle of cinnamon but it probably didn’t need it!

      2. WHERE IS THIS PLACE????? 😀 😀
        I had THE most amazing Cappuccino today too on my ride….you’ll hear about it soon! I’m so psyched about Zoe. That would make it 3 days in a row with mind-blowing coffee! 😛

    1. 2 Breakfasts are essentials!!! Unless it’s an organized bike tour, I rarely have lunch on a ride…..so it’s all Larabars & Clif bars all the way!! And the coffee just hits the spot eh! 😀

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