Civic Holiday 2013

Civic Long Weekend was quite memorable & filled with lots of outdoor activities. Fri. Aug 2 to Sun. Aug 4 (Québec) My friends and I always plan a nice little vacation every summer.  This year, it was to Blueberry Lake Resort in Labelle, Québec - North of Mont Tremblant.  It was a wet weekend, with... Continue Reading →

Ride for Heart 2013

This year's Ride for Heart (ROUTE MAP) had similar forecast as last year, showers.  The difference this year?  The rain actually came .... in a downpour.  Ride for Heart is an annual charity ride on the DVP and Gardiner Expressway, 2 major highways in Toronto.  This was my 3rd time and I still believe it... Continue Reading →

Gran Fondo Gatineau 2013

For the 2nd year in a row, my Victoria Day long weekend was spent at Le Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau to kick off my 1st race of the season.  This weekend involved spectating the Women's UCI WE 1.1 Road Race on Saturday, racing the Gran Fondo Gatineau on Sunday, and finally spectating the Women's Chrono... Continue Reading →

GranFondo Niagara Falls Pre-Ride

What's the perfect pairing with wine?  Not cheese, guess again .... cycling!  The GranFondo Niagara Falls Pre-Ride event (ROUTE MAP) pampered all riders with VIP treatment and previewed the upcoming GranFondo Niagara Falls cycling race in September.  It was a day of good cycling, good company, good food, and good wine. The ride started at... Continue Reading →

Just Cut Them!

I have enlightened everyone in earlier posts with my go-to energy balls as snacks (See Post 1 & 2).  If you have tried them, do you have issues rolling them up into spheres?  I hope I'm not the only one battling this problem.  They crumple up when I roll them, except on rare occasions when... Continue Reading →

Season Kickoff

Above freezing with sunshine?  Say what?  Spring is here!  Time to reunite with my buddy after 4 months of hibernation.  I kicked out the door Saturday noon (literally, door was stuck!) with my bike to kickoff the season! SATURDAY I wanted an easy short route to regain the feel of my bike & assess its... Continue Reading →

A Rookie Mistake

I committed a rookie mistake yesterday.  I've had my fair share of bonking in the past but never to this level.  As one of my 2013 goals, I completed back-to-back spin classes last night.  I don't usually bring electrolytes or energy bars for spinning, strictly reserving them for cycling.  Let's face it, they are convenient... Continue Reading →

Blizzard Treat

Ok fine, it wasn't a blizzard yesterday.  It was just snow.  But it inspired me to whip up a "blizzard" - a Soft Serve Banana Blizzard.  A ripe banana actually made it to the freezer without being eaten!  Bananas never last in my house.  We are all bananas over bananas!! For the "mix-in" in the... Continue Reading →

Mood Busters

Another "interesting" work week, which translates to a couple of missed spin classes and not meeting my cardio targets yet again.  It's been a battle lately to find time to focus on personal goals. What kept me sane & motivated over the week? Registering for a Half, a Century, & a Race.  My wallet has... Continue Reading →

Just being Cautious

This weekend has been sunny & warm (as far as winter goes).  I shied away from last Wednesday's RR run since it was snowy & frigid in Toronto.  How do people run without traction aids on their shoes?  I've not seen anyone wear them! I owe myself a makeup run today.  After a hefty brunch... Continue Reading →

Easy Weekend

How do you start your weekends?  It started last night for me with a good ol' Friday night spin.  It really sets the tone for the weekend.  Next up, making coffee from scratch (the best way!) - from grounding beans to frothing milk.  I wish I have time to make coffee everyday!  Ah, the aroma... Continue Reading →

Exciting News

Perhaps my 1st exciting news of the year!!  I've been selected as 1 of the featured bloggers for the inaugural GranFondo Niagara Falls!!  A road cycling race that starts & finishes at the majestic Niagara Falls, riding through Niagara-on-the-Lake & its wineries, and up the Niagara Escarpment! (source) With this role comes slight adjustments in... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected

2013 has only just begun but there are already unexpected changes & outlooks. CYCLING. 1) I won't be forming a Ride for Heart corporate team.  Unfortunately, it's not the best year for "company spirit". 2) I won't be riding the MS Tour .  It used to be 1 of my favourite tours.  Too bad a... Continue Reading →

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