Belfountain, yes again

I biked to Belfountain today for the 3rd time this summer (1st & 2nd ride).  The main difference this time is I cycled with my buddy Luch.  He’s never been there before.  Being a cyclist, it is VERY important for him to see this place.  Belfountain is a cycling kingdom & a famous biker destination.

I hope this post is not too redundant.  But the main goal is primarily to record my cyclocomputer results before I clear it for the next ride.

Beautiful countryside road

Weather condition today was gorgeous.  Sunny & warm…..maybe on the windy side, but nothing we can’t manage. 😀  We set out after 10AM from my house.  Lots of roadkill today though – skunks, raccoons, birds, you name it.  😮  I remember getting greeted by a rotten skunk smell as we biked up to the top of a hill.  Yuck!  😯

We didn’t see many avid cyclists on the road…..very surprising on such a nice day.  😕  We had to stop at an intersection at the base of a hill.  Without any momentum to start the bike, I ended up pulling my right calf muscle. 😦  I’m hoping this wouldn’t trigger my Achilles injury.

We obviously stopped at THE SHED.  I adore this place!  Luch had a double espresso & a Peanut Butter Euro Tart (something like that?! 😕 )  It’s basically a chocolate covered peanut butter tart.  Looked divine.  I had a regular skim latte as usual & tried the Peanut Butter Trail mix bar I was eying last time.  😀 I got my Latte in the bowl with the beautiful latte art again this time (unlike my last trip) – I remembered to order it for “here”.  😀  So YUMMY!!  We also had a sample of their Pumpkin Pie Latte!  Very sweet, literally! 😀

My bowl of Latte with the PB Trail mix bar

There were tons of motorbikes today – much more than bikers!

Group of motorbikes passing by
3-wheeler motorbikes? Heh, our bikes at the bottom of this pic are cooler!
Motorbikes parked at the Shed

I also took some pictures inside the The Shed at last.  You can finally see the bike decor I keep mentioning! 🙂  They also sell their own collection of bike jerseys, shorts, & socks.  Too bad they were over $90 each, or I would consider getting something!

Check out the bike on the wall! And photos of bike races
Their branded bike apparels

We spent a whopping 1.5hrs at The Shed, just chatting & relaxing outside on their lounge chairs.  We had fun conversations with fellow cyclists & there was even a lady who apparently participated in MS Bike Tour!  I didn’t want to leave; I kept delaying our ride back home.  The sun was just too beautiful.  When I finally stood up to get ready, OUCH!  Lactic acid alert!!!  😕  Awww, time to bike home. 😦

The wind picked up as we neared my house – well, either I was getting tired or it really was windier.  I had another near-perfect ride again.  Very fun.  As for my calf muscle, it seems heal-able.  I don’t think any major damage was done. 🙄

79.3km; 3hr19min; Avg 23.8km/hr; max 53.8km/hr

Can’t wait for next week’s bike tours!!  It’s going to be a “jam-packed” & “record-breaking” weekend.  😀 Stay tuned!

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  1. The weather was most definitely in your favor today!! I was out soaking up some rays myself. Just not cycling!

    I really want to try the latte ‘bowl’….too bad we can’t make it to the Shed during our lunch break!

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