There's been silence for a few weeks, tied directly to silence in cycling.  A little rewind back to the end of June when I bought a new mountain bike, Lapierre X-Flow 312.  The story began on a wet drizzling Friday, June 28th --Lapierre's 1st time in MTB environment.  Let's just say I got initiated into the... Continue Reading →

Monday Haul

After my Bike to Work Day event at Nathan Phillips Square this AM, I went to my office & was greeted with some amazing products. Last Friday, my coworker Paola shared a sale with us at G Fox Gems.  The Silicone Crystal watch in Seafoam was on sale for only $20.  It was so beautiful - I have to buy... Continue Reading →

The KONG!!

Make way for Laser's 1st Haul!!! Laser got a brand new toy this week.....the Kong Wobbler!!!  It's the monster of all Kongs! It's shaped like a normal Kong, but it's designed to be both a toy & a food dispenser.  You unscrew it & fill it with treats or food.  Dogs knock it down using... Continue Reading →

Lip Balm Galore

I'm on a lip balm spree lately....100% natural lip balm.  Check out my 3 new Burt's Bees lip balm I bought this week!  They were on sale for only $2.99 each at Shopper's Drug Mart.  I am so excited! 😀 Adding those to my stash of Softlips, my Kibo You Better Coco Lip balm from... Continue Reading →

Starbucks Haul

I've been waiting & haunting every Starbucks I pass by for the last 2 months.  I really wanted one of their To-Go Cold Cup Tumblers!! I went to Apricot Tree for dinner tonight.  Lo & behold, there was a Starbucks right next to it.  I had to check it out - so glad I did... Continue Reading →

BIXI, the better taxi

BIXI is a public bike system, now servicing at its newest location since May 3, 2011, Toronto!  With 1000 bikes, 80 BIXI stations, & 1500 docking points within Toronto's downtown core, say goodbye to finding bike lock posts & crazy taxi drivers!  What a beautiful site...... I've never driven in Toronto due to the amt of pedestrians & traffic congestion.  I either bike, walk,... Continue Reading →

Not too “Shaddy”!

Today was such a gorgeous day!  En route to work, I took out my shades.  As I put it on...CRACK!  My new sunglasses from last year........is no more! 😐 I wasn't planning on purchasing yet another pair this year, but I guess a change of plans!!  😎 Not a terrific start to the day, but I'm still... Continue Reading →

Grueling Saturday

I completely slacked off this week - mostly due to fun outings after work.  The last time I went swimming was Easter Monday!  To make up for this, I had a grueling schedule today: swimming in the AM and hot yoga in the PM.  This leaves me exhausted & ready to snooze right about now!... Continue Reading →

Fur here, Wagging tails there

I checked out the 18th Annual All About Pets Show today!  I was really excited at the entrance even after paying $12 for admission.  (Disclaimer: most of my photos are blurry; I didn't want to blind the animals with flash) The main features of the show were the dog demonstrations (in my opinion!).  First up,... Continue Reading →

Yuck, Shoe Shopping!

A productive day today!  I had a hair appointment in the AM - which is almost always a disappointment 😦 .  I'm used to that, so I digress.  This was followed by a doctor's appointment - also a place I would rather avoid.  So far not so good, right? My goal today was to go... Continue Reading →

Adios Remington

Phew!!  I just came back from my 9PM swim.  I was satisfied with my efforts today....62 lengths (31 laps) in 50-55min. I tend to wash my hair late at night, esp since I frequently go night swimming now.  In the morning.....a head of MESS!   I straighten my hair every other day at the least (i... Continue Reading →

No Gears Swapped

MEC Gear Swap today at the Toronto location!  It encourages people to recycle their used/unwanted outdoor gears (ie. cycling, cross-country skies, tents, backpacks, clothing).  I arrived ~ 1/2 hour early, but a bunch of people were already there! I left empty-handed.  I was in at 11am & out at 11:20am.  I was secretly hunting for... Continue Reading →

Green Living Show

I had such a blast at the Green Living Show today!!  The best part was all the free taste-tests!!  Delicious!  They were natural, organic, fair trade, &/or local.  It was nice not to worry about reading ingredients for once! It was free admissions if you brought in an e-waste 😀 .  Perfect opportunity to get... Continue Reading →

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