2014 Achilles St. Patrick’s Day 5km

First race of the year and a free one too since my company is one of the sponsors.  It's another year with the same goal: "To beat my 60+ years old coworker who beat me the past 2 years."  Enough is enough, I am so embarrassed at work.  I haven't ran since last May except... Continue Reading →

2013 Mississauga Half Marathon

An "expensive long walk" was my original thought for this year's Mississauga Half Marathon.  I didn't have much training and have never ran over 14.4 km in my life.  Ever since my shin issues a few months ago, I never quite regained my motivation to run, especially with cycling in high season right now.  My... Continue Reading →

2013 Achilles 5K

I winged another race, just a mini one.  To date, I've never been able to train for any running events.  I haven't laced up my runners since I mentioned the Achilles St. Patrick's Day 5K last month to recover some shin issues, except for a quickie 3km test run 2 weeks ago to assess my... Continue Reading →

Running a Detour

I seem to change my training "plans" every week, mostly detouring around running.  Last week, I spoke of "speed work" in hopes of beating a certain someone in an upcoming 5K.  This hope is now uncertain.  My shin pains still exist, in fact there are intermittent local pains even when sitting.  Have I also mentioned... Continue Reading →

Speed Work

Sprinting is not my forte.  I prefer expending my energy over long distances.  It's more pleasurable for my mind & body when I go long and steady.  However, this will be put aside for a short while.  From now until mid-March, my focus is on speed work. It was announced last Monday that my company... Continue Reading →

Blizzard Treat

Ok fine, it wasn't a blizzard yesterday.  It was just snow.  But it inspired me to whip up a "blizzard" - a Soft Serve Banana Blizzard.  A ripe banana actually made it to the freezer without being eaten!  Bananas never last in my house.  We are all bananas over bananas!! For the "mix-in" in the... Continue Reading →

Mood Busters

Another "interesting" work week, which translates to a couple of missed spin classes and not meeting my cardio targets yet again.  It's been a battle lately to find time to focus on personal goals. What kept me sane & motivated over the week? Registering for a Half, a Century, & a Race.  My wallet has... Continue Reading →

Just being Cautious

This weekend has been sunny & warm (as far as winter goes).  I shied away from last Wednesday's RR run since it was snowy & frigid in Toronto.  How do people run without traction aids on their shoes?  I've not seen anyone wear them! I owe myself a makeup run today.  After a hefty brunch... Continue Reading →

Exciting News

Perhaps my 1st exciting news of the year!!  I've been selected as 1 of the featured bloggers for the inaugural GranFondo Niagara Falls!!  A road cycling race that starts & finishes at the majestic Niagara Falls, riding through Niagara-on-the-Lake & its wineries, and up the Niagara Escarpment! (source) With this role comes slight adjustments in... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected

2013 has only just begun but there are already unexpected changes & outlooks. CYCLING. 1) I won't be forming a Ride for Heart corporate team.  Unfortunately, it's not the best year for "company spirit". 2) I won't be riding the MS Tour .  It used to be 1 of my favourite tours.  Too bad a... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Weekend

My goal for Thanksgiving long weekend was far from anything "turkey related".  Instead, it was to ride until my legs give-out since winter doom is fast upon us.  Plus, riding is the best way to check out Fall colours! Mission failed! 😦 I only got 1 ride in on Saturday.  My route was all mapped... Continue Reading →

The race I beat a turtle

That time again - Mississauga Marathon weekend.  Remember last year at my 10K?  Didn't even make it to the Start Line.  An unfinished business. I'm at it again this year.  Surprise!!  Another injury - piriformis (bum muscle).  My initial thought, "Here we go again!  Another DNF on my race history."  I have to change my... Continue Reading →

Just Hit the Pavement!

No more excuses!!  New shoes. New Skorts. What's missing?  The running!! I MUST get out of my running hiatus if I want to run an injury-free 10K in May.  I'm afraid of hurting myself again.  Running & I are NOT meant-to-be.  Motivation is lacking.  So I destroyed my wallet this weekend with purchases for running... Continue Reading →

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