Running a Detour

I seem to change my training "plans" every week, mostly detouring around running.  Last week, I spoke of "speed work" in hopes of beating a certain someone in an upcoming 5K.  This hope is now uncertain.  My shin pains still exist, in fact there are intermittent local pains even when sitting.  Have I also mentioned... Continue Reading →

Food and Foot

Happy long weekend! 😀 My family is having our 1st BBQ for 2011 tonight - it's such a sunny gorgeous day.  I'm in charge of making a salad.  Stay tune....I'll post a picture later tonight. Laser was hanging out with me this AM. I've been going to physio for over 6 wks since my foot... Continue Reading →

Grueling Saturday

I completely slacked off this week - mostly due to fun outings after work.  The last time I went swimming was Easter Monday!  To make up for this, I had a grueling schedule today: swimming in the AM and hot yoga in the PM.  This leaves me exhausted & ready to snooze right about now!... Continue Reading →

Swim Success

I really pushed myself to the max at my swim tonight.  I literally swam nonstop for an hour.....didn't take my usual 1-2 min breaks. My endurance definitely improved lately.  Exhaling is extremely important in swimming, folks!  It improved my speed & helped me learn bilateral breathing.  Exhalation prevents a buoyant chest & reduces the need... Continue Reading →

Adios Remington

Phew!!  I just came back from my 9PM swim.  I was satisfied with my efforts today....62 lengths (31 laps) in 50-55min. I tend to wash my hair late at night, esp since I frequently go night swimming now.  In the morning.....a head of MESS!   I straighten my hair every other day at the least (i... Continue Reading →

Milk Frother!

I dragged myself to a 1-hour swim last night.  Oh boy, was I unmotivated yesterday: I didn't want to get out of the house, the thought of getting wet disgusted me, & I didn't want to put pants jeans on :D.   With the "Just Do It" mentality (inside joke at work), I went on auto-pilot & got ready... Continue Reading →

Swim Schedule FAILED! 1st week on my new swim schedule is already unsuccessful.  I was all pumped this morning about my night swim tonight....then "TOM" decided to drop by this afternoon.  That would mean missing out on Sunday's swim as well.  Thumbs DOWN....way to go ruining my new regime! 😡 On a positive note, Kate was amazing... Continue Reading →

Physio Time

I did 1 hr of wave length swim yesterday.  I can't believe so many people showed up for the 9PM swim!  But, there's something about that pool (hence, my bro & I switched to another pool on Sundays).  People there DO NOT understand pool etiquette: 1 person kept diving in his "snorkeling" gears, some kept stopping in the middle of the... Continue Reading →

New Swim Regime

I normally do 35min of speed-walking from the train station to my house everyday.  Then I do 12-30min body weight training (courtesy of before bed.  Lately, I have been driving to the train station & haven't been doing any workouts due to my tendon injury.   I have decided to start swimming more during the... Continue Reading →

Meet Laser

It's another Sunday & time is going by way too fast.  Sunday means swimming...whoohoo! This morning, I was greeted by this little bundle of joy.....Laser!  She's my 10 year-old yellow lab.  She may be old, but she's still energetic as ever. She decides to have breakfast with me.   My dad built her a table back... Continue Reading →


I've been suffering through a foot injury since my 10K run in March.  I believe the back of my foot was rubbing against my running shoes.  Since those shoes offered no support & were probably not designed for long distances (hence, I had to buy a new pair of NB runners), my right foot suffered... Continue Reading →

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