Trail: Furka Location: Realp, Switzerland Type: Mountain hiking trail and Alpine hiking trail Distance: 6km, Duration: 4h30m (ROUTE) Switzerland/Austria Hikes Main Page This occurred on our transition day from Samedan (SE Switzerland) to our Airbnb in Leukerbad (West Switzerland).  Our original list of hikes were either too long or out of the way to permit... Continue Reading →


Trail: Kühtai Location: Tyrol, Austria Difficulty: Mountain hiking trail Distance: 5.48km, Duration: 3:48:57 This amazing gem was completely unplanned.  We originally planned an easy "recovery" hike near Innsbruck after enduring some suffer-fest (but fun!) hikes the past few days.  On our drive to the trailhead, the GPS took us to a parking lot towards a... Continue Reading →


Trail: Fürstensteig Location: Liechtenstein Difficulty: Mountain hiking trail with Alpine Hiking trail sections Distance: 6.09km, Duration: 3:24:33 (ROUTE) The trail started out on an easy ascent through lush greenery.  The 1st wooden cross (Fürstensteig, 1666m) did not take long to reach.  Although not technically a summit cross, it was nonetheless a good commemorative stop!  Just... Continue Reading →

Hohe Köpfe

Trail: Hohe Köpfe Location: Rätikon, Austria Difficulty: Mountain hiking trail with Alpine Hiking trail sections Distance: 18.86km, Duration: 9:22:46 (ROUTE) Switzerland/Austria Hikes Main Page The day started at the parking lot with our heads down, spending too much time meticulously getting the mud out of our hiking boot treads with twigs.  Worth it!  They were... Continue Reading →


Trail: Schäfler Location: Wasserauen, Appenzell, Switzerland Type: Mountain hiking trail Distance: 16.51km, Duration: 7:59:16 (ROUTE) Switzerland/Austria Hikes Main Page En route to the hike, we had the best welcome to Appenzell by driving directly into the Appenzell cattle alpine descent proceeding where farmers in traditional clothing brought their cows from the alps back to the... Continue Reading →


Trail: Fürstin-Gina-Weg (Furstin Gina Path) Location: Malbun, Liechtenstein Type: Mountain hiking trail Distance: 15km, Duration: 7:09:31 (ROUTE) Switzerland/Austria Hikes Main Page This was the only rainy (and chilly) day on the trip - my one chance to deck out in my snazzy waterproof gear! Before hitting this trail in Malbun (pronounced "Mal-boon"), I already battled... Continue Reading →

Centurion Horseshoe 2014

Centurion Horseshoe was another epic experience.  I am no stranger to this event, yet my experience seems to be elevated year after year.  The resorts nearby only allowed a minimum of 2 nights stay - no complaints from me!  Arriving on Friday at Carriage Ridge Resort, we began an enjoyable long weekend of hiking, feasting,... Continue Reading →

Ride for Heart 2014

With my low mileage this year, Ride for Heart (75km) was the longest ride so far with its once-a-year unique opportunity to ride on a highway.  The ride package included the typical bike plate ... and new this year ... a dorky helmet cover.  WHY???  Mandatory or not, it was not going on my head.... Continue Reading →

Tour of Bronte Dirt Dash 2014

It all began last year when long road rides started to feel a little mundane.  A new cycling season is here and it is time to try something new!  After intensive deliberations, I registered for the Tour of Bronte Dirt Dash for my first ever race on mountain bike, my first race with laps, and... Continue Reading →

XC Skiing 2014

This has been one long and nasty winter. Temperatures below -20°C plus wind chill just hurts!  While most of the time was spent hibernating, this winter provided a lot more opportunities for cross-country skiing. Comparing to the one time last year, the 6 times this year was a jump!  Not only did I gain a... Continue Reading →

Tour de Hans 2013

Tour de Hans finished off my cycling event for the year.  I was pumped heading to the ride, yet put a lot of pressure on myself to end the season well.  This Gran Fondo Style race takes riders along the scenic Waterloo Region, followed by post-ride Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest celebrations.  Big thanks to all the police... Continue Reading →

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