Crank up the Anticipation

September is another exciting cycling month, similar to June except events are more clustered.  Next Saturday is the highly anticipated GranFondo Niagara Falls, followed by Tour de Mississauga on Sunday. With the need to taper off cycling for the week, I squeezed in one last long ride past Sunday to the infamous Café Domestique in... Continue Reading →

Easy Weekend

How do you start your weekends?  It started last night for me with a good ol' Friday night spin.  It really sets the tone for the weekend.  Next up, making coffee from scratch (the best way!) - from grounding beans to frothing milk.  I wish I have time to make coffee everyday!  Ah, the aroma... Continue Reading →

The Last Ride

It's my tradition to visit Cafe Domestique at least once a year (ROUTE MAP).  Route was planned since early October.  Then came all the injuries & wet weather. 😦 What a shame to end a season with an unfinished business after such an amazing cycling year!!  No, I CANNOT let that happen. With temperatures nearing... Continue Reading →

Sugar Crash

Awesome, amazing long weekend.  I couldn't have asked for anything else.  Another successful ride (ROUTE MAP) with awesome company & gorgeous sights to see.  As promised from my last ride, I swallowed (with water) another 15 tabs of ENERGYbits before the ride for "Experiment#2" (Still refusing to take 30 tabs - my belly would be... Continue Reading →

Riding for Champagne?

The Shed Coffee Bar has always been 1 of my favourite coffee shops & cycling destination.  Cycling oriented, scenic location, & lattes served in a bowl!!  Thanks to Facebook, I found out about their relocation from Belfountain to Erin a few weeks ago.  5km away from the old location! Today was their Grand Opening! (Route... Continue Reading →

The Shed Finale

I hit up The Shed in Belfountain, ON (Route map) today for the 4th & probably last time this year.  No particular reason except for the love of coffee & cycling.  I didn't wear my attires properly today & suffered horrible saddle pain.  I was stopping every ~5km to alleviate the pain.  It was a... Continue Reading →

Ride to Cafe Domestique

I've been craving a ride to Cafe Domestique (Domestique-Cafe Cyclo Sportif) in Dundas, Ontario all summer (Route Map).  Cafe Domestique is no ordinary coffee shop.  It's a cycling-themed coffee shop & a hot meetup spot for cyclists.  The owner combined his 2 passions: cycling and coffee. This ride was originally my plan for next year... Continue Reading →

Belfountain, yes again

I biked to Belfountain today for the 3rd time this summer (1st & 2nd ride).  The main difference this time is I cycled with my buddy Luch.  He's never been there before.  Being a cyclist, it is VERY important for him to see this place.  Belfountain is a cycling kingdom & a famous biker destination.... Continue Reading →

Humber River Trail & Beyond

Yesterday's bike ride was an absolute blast. During the MS Bike Tour, Luch psyched me out about the scenic Humber River Trail - a hidden gem in Toronto.  Once you're on the trail, you wouldn't feel like you are in Toronto anymore!!  That was where we headed to yesterday! Before we headed out, we made... Continue Reading →

Hit up Belfountain…again

I've been craving a good Latte for the past week.  There's no place that makes THE perfect cup like The Shed in Belfountain (in my opinion!). 🙂  There are other reasons why I MUST bike today: I need to get out of my 'sluggish' mood that I had last week (I didn't even go spinning!)... Continue Reading →

Conquered those Hills

My past week of steak, pasta, & wine (company conference) calls for a much needed bike ride!  What better day to burn everything off than a sunny & gorgeous Canada Day!!!  Happy Birthday Canada! 😀 Today's route has been a fear of mine since last year.  The destination is Belfountain, Ontario in the Hills of... Continue Reading →

Cambridge Tour de Grand 2011

Garneau is at it again for another bike tour!!  This time, it's the 14th Annual Cambridge Tour de Grand!  This tour is designed for EVERYONE - it offers 10km, 15km, 25km, 50km, 60km, 72km, 100km, & 160km.  That's right, 160km .....classic century ride!!  I hope I can do that one day - probably way in... Continue Reading →

Oats again

My mom survived her 1st hot yoga session at Moksha!  The 90min of sweaty goodness just flew by.  I wanted to go to Zoe's Bakery Cafe for lunch afterward but my mom had to hurry home for an appointment.  😦 Oh well, this calls for oatmeal!  I wanted to mash a banana in it, but... Continue Reading →

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