Trail: Fürstensteig
Difficulty: Mountain hiking trail with Alpine Hiking trail sections
Distance: 6.09km, Duration: 3:24:33 (ROUTE)

Fürstensteig-15The trail started out on an easy ascent through lush greenery.  The 1st wooden cross (Fürstensteig, 1666m) did not take long to reach.  Although not technically a summit cross, it was nonetheless a good commemorative stop!  Just look at the scenery!
The next hour of ascent continued to be non-technical.  We followed a soil path towards the next cross that teased us from afar.
This cross (Alpspitze, 1944m) was probably one of the most trendy looking crosses on this trip with its signature circle.

After a quick lunch, it was time for the descent on alpine trails which was an epic loop around the mountain!
There was a group of kids heading up the mountain on our way down.  My 1st thought, “I wish I had awesome school trips like that!”  My 2nd thought, “There should be nothing to worry about on the descent!
Well, I spoke too soon … within 30min, we came across a broken section which was likely destroyed by heavy downpours in the summer similar to our experience at Hohe Köpfe the previous day.  There were broken wood and metal pieces that were once boardwalks and handrails to take hikers across a valley.  Instead, our knees endured some “slipping and sliding” down the gravelly valley with nothing to grab onto.
Fürstensteig-broken trailThankfully after 15min, the trail became much more enjoyable!  It was mostly a narrow gravel path with steep drop on one side, yet felt safe with cables installed on the side of the mountain at certain sections.  Of course, an amazing view over the city if you ignored the steep drop!
DCIM100GOPROWe were back at the start in just over an hour later, ending with a short rooty forest path.

Overall, a fun and highly recommended hike where stamina was more important than technicality.  Hopefully the broken section will be repaired soon!

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