Bikefest 2011

UPDATE: I made it on Flickr!  Try to spot me HERE (hint: red Giro helmet) & HERE (hint: on the left eating a banana!) 😀 ********************************************************************************** My Supercycle is ready for his 2nd cycling event this season (Bike to Work day being his 1st).    MEC Bikefest is a free annual event to celebrate all things... Continue Reading →

Oats again

My mom survived her 1st hot yoga session at Moksha!  The 90min of sweaty goodness just flew by.  I wanted to go to Zoe's Bakery Cafe for lunch afterward but my mom had to hurry home for an appointment.  😦 Oh well, this calls for oatmeal!  I wanted to mash a banana in it, but... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Idea

I just planned out my Mother's Day idea!  I came home from another wonderful & sweaty Hot Yoga session today at Moksha & re-read the Sweat Equity magazine from the Green Living Show (What an awesome cover by the way! :D).  I was curious whether I would view the articles differently now that I started... Continue Reading →

Grueling Saturday

I completely slacked off this week - mostly due to fun outings after work.  The last time I went swimming was Easter Monday!  To make up for this, I had a grueling schedule today: swimming in the AM and hot yoga in the PM.  This leaves me exhausted & ready to snooze right about now!... Continue Reading →

Hot Yoga

I've always been narrow-minded towards yoga.  I thought it's a waste of time since it doesn't give me a burning session.  That is until recently.... I've done some research on Achilles ever since my injury.   One of the contributors to Achilles injury is a weak calf.  This was a good reminder for me that without... Continue Reading →

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