Blizzard Treat

Ok fine, it wasn't a blizzard yesterday.  It was just snow.  But it inspired me to whip up a "blizzard" - a Soft Serve Banana Blizzard.  A ripe banana actually made it to the freezer without being eaten!  Bananas never last in my house.  We are all bananas over bananas!! For the "mix-in" in the... Continue Reading →

Easy Weekend

How do you start your weekends?  It started last night for me with a good ol' Friday night spin.  It really sets the tone for the weekend.  Next up, making coffee from scratch (the best way!) - from grounding beans to frothing milk.  I wish I have time to make coffee everyday!  Ah, the aroma... Continue Reading →

Tough life for Salmon

Salmon leads a very interesting life.....brutal in my opinion!!  They migrate from rivers into oceans, & back again when they are sexually mature to breed & lay eggs (Visit here for more info).  This journey upstream is exhausting & dangerous as they fight through currents, leap through waterfalls, & avoid predators.  Many do not survive. ... Continue Reading →

My thighs are Spent!

My legs feel like bricks!  I signed up for the Introductory 2-week special at CYKL on Monday.  That's 2 weeks of unlimited spinning classes!!  I took full advantage of it & went spinning after work this Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Tuesday's class was  such a unique class.  Since it's Tour de France month, CYKL held... Continue Reading →

The KONG!!

Make way for Laser's 1st Haul!!! Laser got a brand new toy this week.....the Kong Wobbler!!!  It's the monster of all Kongs! It's shaped like a normal Kong, but it's designed to be both a toy & a food dispenser.  You unscrew it & fill it with treats or food.  Dogs knock it down using... Continue Reading →

Lip Balm Galore

I'm on a lip balm spree lately....100% natural lip balm.  Check out my 3 new Burt's Bees lip balm I bought this week!  They were on sale for only $2.99 each at Shopper's Drug Mart.  I am so excited! 😀 Adding those to my stash of Softlips, my Kibo You Better Coco Lip balm from... Continue Reading →

Fur here, Wagging tails there

I checked out the 18th Annual All About Pets Show today!  I was really excited at the entrance even after paying $12 for admission.  (Disclaimer: most of my photos are blurry; I didn't want to blind the animals with flash) The main features of the show were the dog demonstrations (in my opinion!).  First up,... Continue Reading →

Craving Cardio

No cardio makes me sluggish - even after a good cup of Joe.  Speaking of a good cup of "Joe", have you ever wondered where Joe originated from:  Check it out here! I haven't had a good cardio session since Tuesday night.  Eeeek!!!  I curse you tendon & TOM!  My tendon is bothering me again... Continue Reading →

Saturday Routine

Happy Weekend!  Laser was still in bed when I went downstairs for breakfast.  My childhood blanket is now hers!! The sink was already full of dishes this early in the morning.  Holy cow, how did this happen? So I took matters into my own hands.....ahhh, MUCH better.  Who doesn't love a clean sink? I let... Continue Reading →

Swim Schedule FAILED! 1st week on my new swim schedule is already unsuccessful.  I was all pumped this morning about my night swim tonight....then "TOM" decided to drop by this afternoon.  That would mean missing out on Sunday's swim as well.  Thumbs DOWN....way to go ruining my new regime! 😡 On a positive note, Kate was amazing... Continue Reading →

Rainy Monday

Here we's Monday again and it's raining ... double thumbs down!!  😦 My dog hates rain...especially thunderstorms.  We taught her ever since she was a puppy to stay downstairs.  She follows this rule except everytime it rains, she would come upstairs to find us.  I think somehow in her mind, upstairs is her sanctuary.  To be... Continue Reading →

Meet Laser

It's another Sunday & time is going by way too fast.  Sunday means swimming...whoohoo! This morning, I was greeted by this little bundle of joy.....Laser!  She's my 10 year-old yellow lab.  She may be old, but she's still energetic as ever. She decides to have breakfast with me.   My dad built her a table back... Continue Reading →

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