Humber River Trail & Beyond

Yesterday’s bike ride was an absolute blast. During the MS Bike Tour, Luch psyched me out about the scenic Humber River Trail – a hidden gem in Toronto.  Once you’re on the trail, you wouldn’t feel like you are in Toronto anymore!!  That was where we headed to yesterday!

Before we headed out, we made a pit stop at Tim Horton’s for a quick coffee & a carbo-breakfast (my 2nd breakfast by the way 😛 )…..the entire time keeping watchful eyes on his car to ensure no one was hovering over it to steal my bike!! 😮

Humber Bridge

Was it windy today!!  The wind speed was reported as 30km/hr – it felt much stronger!!!  But after my experience at Blue Mountains & since I had good company, go ahead mother nature – bring it on!

We entered the trail near Weston Rd & Church St (~20km North of Humber Bridge).  The Humber River Trail connects to the infamous Humber Bridge (which I’m quite familiar with from my commute to work!) and joins the Waterfront Trail along Lakeshore.

We kept going Eastward towards Cherry Beach via Queens Quay.  Cirque du Soleil was having a show yesterday near Cherry St, creating quite a traffic!!  We then biked through the Leslie St Spit.  This Spit is a result of lakefilling Lake Ontario over 40 years ago – originally for Harbour expansion but now a wilderness reserve!

The sky was so fascinating.  Check out the strip of blue sky at the bottom which changes abruptly to clouds!!  Probably the effect of Hurricane Irene hitting the East Coast.

Leslie St Spit. Check out the sky!!

We kept biking along the Waterfront Trail, taking us to the The Woodbine Beach Park.  There was a beach Volleyball tournament & numerous volleyball nets were setup for the public.

Beach Volleyball at Woodbine Beach Park
Woodbine Beach Park

Next stop was The Beach (Queen St E).  The houses there are just magnificent!!  We then biked up the escarpments of Scarborough Bluffs!  Phew! 😉 My first real “cardio” session of the day!  I finally felt the soreness in my thighs from Saturday’s ride to Belfountain.

Our goal was to bike 50km one way; so we would reach 100km by the time we completed our return trip.  As we neared 50km, there was a gigantic dead raccoon on the road!  I didn’t see it until I rode right beside it!  GROSS!!  😮  Once we did a turnaround at the 50km mark, we biked by a good looking coffee shop at The Beach (I can tell by its exterior decor!) & I HAD to request a pit stop!  I could use a good Cappuccino.

Remarkable Bean – the name says it all

Glad we stopped because the coffee here at Remarkable Bean was remarkable!  Even better than The Shed (but only by a tad!!) 😀  Both places make the best foam, but the espresso in my Cappuccino here was much richer than The Shed.  YUM! 😎

Possibly the best Cappuccino in the world.
Guarding our bikes while relaxing on the bench
View of the street outside of Remarkable Bean

On our return trip, the waves by the lake were even more intense!  Lots of people were out surfboarding.

Great waves for surfboarding

We were also lucky enough to spot wildlife in action.  We saw lots of loons, herons, & even a deer!!  What a day! 😀 (The deer took off before I could snap a picture!)

Loons & a heron in the distance

We didn’t take detours on our return trip, so our distance wasn’t 100km.  It was around 92km (as per Luch’s cyclocomputer; I forgot to turn mine on for a couple of km). 😕   But hey, my total distance this weekend was even further than MS Bike Tour!  Whoohoo! 😀

7 thoughts on “Humber River Trail & Beyond

  1. Well that looks like a fantastic ride! I believe I have seen remarkable bean before.

    Getting pictures isn’t impossible, is it…..
    Nice ride!

  2. btw, new header picture is great!

    got your coffee…good news and bad news about it. Bad news is, they only had it in a full size bag. Good news is, if you want, we can go half-sies with the big bag because I love this coffee!

    1. Both are good news. I love coffee. I don’t mind splitting at all!!! Thanks for coffee & comment. I need to snap a clearer road picture next time I’m out riding. 😀

    1. If I ride to Vancouver, I’ll probably pass out on a bed somewhere. Give me a few days, then let’s go ride!!! You guys must have tons of nice trails!

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