Endurance Check

For Easter, Mother Nature gift-wrapped 2 sunny days for us.  I wouldn't go so far to say they were warm - still leg warmers & jacket weather for me but at least I finally switched to fingerless gloves! I have a confession though.  I returned to the dark side & rekindled some long hauls.  No... Continue Reading →

Sugar Crash

Awesome, amazing long weekend.  I couldn't have asked for anything else.  Another successful ride (ROUTE MAP) with awesome company & gorgeous sights to see.  As promised from my last ride, I swallowed (with water) another 15 tabs of ENERGYbits before the ride for "Experiment#2" (Still refusing to take 30 tabs - my belly would be... Continue Reading →

Riding for Champagne?

The Shed Coffee Bar has always been 1 of my favourite coffee shops & cycling destination.  Cycling oriented, scenic location, & lattes served in a bowl!!  Thanks to Facebook, I found out about their relocation from Belfountain to Erin a few weeks ago.  5km away from the old location! Today was their Grand Opening! (Route... Continue Reading →

The Shed Finale

I hit up The Shed in Belfountain, ON (Route map) today for the 4th & probably last time this year.  No particular reason except for the love of coffee & cycling.  I didn't wear my attires properly today & suffered horrible saddle pain.  I was stopping every ~5km to alleviate the pain.  It was a... Continue Reading →

Belfountain, yes again

I biked to Belfountain today for the 3rd time this summer (1st & 2nd ride).  The main difference this time is I cycled with my buddy Luch.  He's never been there before.  Being a cyclist, it is VERY important for him to see this place.  Belfountain is a cycling kingdom & a famous biker destination.... Continue Reading →

Hit up Belfountain…again

I've been craving a good Latte for the past week.  There's no place that makes THE perfect cup like The Shed in Belfountain (in my opinion!). 🙂  There are other reasons why I MUST bike today: I need to get out of my 'sluggish' mood that I had last week (I didn't even go spinning!)... Continue Reading →

Conquered those Hills

My past week of steak, pasta, & wine (company conference) calls for a much needed bike ride!  What better day to burn everything off than a sunny & gorgeous Canada Day!!!  Happy Birthday Canada! 😀 Today's route has been a fear of mine since last year.  The destination is Belfountain, Ontario in the Hills of... Continue Reading →

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