My Shoes

April 2012 – Present

I bought my pair of Asics Gel-Pulse 3 immediately after recovering from yet another foot-related injury (my legs can’t handle high-impact activities).  It was my materialistic way to break out of my running hiatus & to regain motivation to run.  I got fitted at the local Running Room, found out I was an under-pronator, & learned about the need to buy a bigger shoe size to account for feet swelling on a run (I’m normally a size 8.5-9; I was fitted to size 9.5).  And they’re pink, what’s not to love?


New Balance:
March 2011 – 2012

My New Balance 768 came along after running my 1st 10K on a personal run.  I realized the need for a pair of runners “designed” for running if I wished to continue running longer distances.  I went to a general sports store that same day and purchased them without much knowledge about my feet type or running in general.  With more knowledge now, this pair of shoes turned out to be completely wrong for me in every way: Too small (no room for feet swelling), geared for low arch & stability (I have high arch & require cushioning), & yucky colour scheme (I like bright colours).  I no longer use them for running & they sit on my shelf most of the year.


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