Blue Mountain shows no mercy!

People normally go DOWNhill at Blue Mountains.  I beg to be different, I go UPhill.  For the 1st time in the 2 years I’ve been cycling, I did not enjoy my ride at all.  The combination of terrifying weather, challenging terrain, & getting lost made yesterday’s ride the most traumatic ride yet.

In preparation for my brother’s upcoming race (50 miles) in Centurion Canada this September, he wanted to test-ride the route yesterday.  Centurion Canada is basically an amateur cycling race located in the Town of the Blue Mountains.  I naturally joined him along with my parents.  I was really excited to go to Blue Mountains since I’ve NEVER been there in the summer (only winter!).  Let’s make this a family road trip!

Village 2 at Blue Mountains

I was forewarned about the intense elevations in this route – 3 mountains with a total of 3,200ft elevation gain.  That literally categorizes the hills of Belfountain as a “piece-of cake”!! (and I was complaining back then!)

We arrived at Village 2 at the Blue Mountains Resort by 10:30am.  This place looks so much better without snow (sorry, I’m not a skier!) 😀 My parents spent the day touring the shops at the Village since they don’t cycle.

Getting ready for the ride
Heading out of Village 2

It was quite exciting to see so many cyclists on the road today. 🙂  There was a stretch of road before we reached our 1st mountain.  Time for those granny gears!!  I huffed & puffed up the endless mountain.  Everytime I thought I reached the top, I would see another hill straight ahead.  No downhill in sight, not even flat roads.  The 1st mountain is supposed to be the worst out of the 3, at a height of 1,670ft at the highest point.

I could not express how happy I was when I saw some downhills.  But they ended quickly!!  Before I knew it, I reached the 2nd mountain.  It was ~40km into the ride when the weather suddenly changed and storm clouds rolled in.  The winds picked up, the air cooled, no cyclists in-sight, & I could see lightning at a short distance.  It was like a scene from “Twister”.  By ~44km into the ride, the rained poured heavily with strong wind.  I was stuck in a flippin’ thunderstorm!  Buckets of water came down & my vision was completely obscured by the rain in my eyes.  I wanted to speed up but the hills got steeper.  Another endless mountain – no downhill, no flat roads.  I couldn’t spot my brother since he rides much faster than me.  I was alone in the middle of nowhere & completely terrified.

Being on a “metal” bike heading up in elevation is never a good idea in a thunderstorm.  Was I going to get struck by lightning?  Or get blown away by the wind?   It took a lot out of me to keep biking.  2-3 km of absolute terror later, I heard someone yelled to catch my attention.  I looked to my left … it was my brother taking shelter under someone’s front porch.  I cycled & ran over there happy with relief.  I was drenched & dripping from head to toe complete with squishy shoes.  It took a while for me to calm my nerves.

All drenched

We waited until the storm subsided a bit, all the while shivering from the cold.  I was not geared up for the rain at all (at least I wasn’t wearing a white jersey?! )  It was still drizzling when we set out again but we have to get going!!  There was a ‘quick’ but steep downhill from the 2nd mountain.  I nearly lost control at a turn as I veered into the lane in the opposite direction.  Very close call!!

Another downpour….taking shelter

We finally approached a short stretch of flat roads.  Due to my desperate wish to finish this route today, I didn’t stop much for breaks.  This took a toll on hydration.  Ever since last week’s MS Bike Tour, I’ve gotten better at riding with one hand.  It was during this flat road where I finally managed to drink from my water bottle while pedaling! 😀  (My next goal is to ride uphill with my butt off the saddle!)

Another downpour at ~60km into the ride.  Oy!  My brother & I sought shelter outside an abandoned ice cream shop.

Taking shelter

It was extremely cold waiting outside with the chilly wind blowing against our wet clothes.  I fueled up with a Larabar while bouncing around trying to keep warm.  My toes were completely frozen in my wet socks & shoes.  We waited close to 30min but the rain never ceased.  We couldn’t wait any longer knowing we still have at least an hour to go before we finish (it was almost 2:30pm & we didn’t even have lunch!)  We braved the rain & continued cycling.  So COLD!  I couldn’t feel my toes which was not a good sign when pedaling.

Here we go with the 3rd mountain (1,621 ft at the highest point)!!  Oh my gosh, I want to go home!!  Just endless uphills.  Once again, just when I thought I was at the top, there were more uphills ahead.  What seemed like flat roads was just deceiving landscapes & false flats.  I was literally riding at 8-9km/hr the entire time on the lowest possible gear.  I was pushing to my limit & running out of steam.  Finally, I reached my last turn in the route where I met an even STEEPER hill.  How is this possible????

See that hill?  Repeat that a million times!!

At more than 80km into the ride, I met the most extreme downhill ever at Scenic Caves.  So that’s where it was! It was such a steep drop with sharp twists & turns.  I was holding on for dear life.  I am pretty sure I went over the speed limit, zooming down the road at close to 70km/hr.  (Broke my record there!)

At the end of the road was a Roundabout.  That’s when I got completely lost.  I couldn’t find my brother anywhere.  I knew I was close to the Blue Mountain Resort (final destination) as I could see the ski hills.  My gut told me to go towards it but the scenery got unfamiliar & I knew something was wrong.  I took out my cell phone.  NO RECEPTION!  I started panicking, my throat was all choked up.

I returned to the Roundabout & went the opposite direction until I saw a Skis Rental building.  I remembered seeing it while we were driving to the Village!  Uh oh, I went too far!  I decided to go inside the building to ask for help.  At that moment, a couple in the car stopped & asked me for directions to Toronto.  HAH!!  I told them I was COMPLETELY lost myself.  Luckily, they knew where I needed to go.  It turned out my initial gut feeling was correct.  It was the same direction but I had to take a road parallel to it.  I was crying with joy when I saw the parking lot to Village 2. People probably thought I was crazy!  I had to stand there for 5min to calm my nerves, yet again!

It was past 4PM & I didn’t even have lunch yet!  What a brutal day.  My bike was so dirty from the rain & mud.  I didn’t bring a change of clothes & ended up putting on my dad’s over-sized shirt.  I think I got some weird stares when I went inside Starbucks to order a much needed coffee!

I was so glad to arrive home.  I immediately hosed my bike down & took a hot shower.  The latter was the best thing I’ve done all day! 😀

I cycled closed to 96km today for 4hrs15min.  An average speed of 22km/hr with a max of 68km/hr.

This was by far the worst weather I’ve cycled in.  I was supposed to go swimming today, but I guess I already went yesterday … on a bike.  Will I do this route again?  Probably not this year!

Best of luck to all the riders for Centurion.  I have NO IDEA how they do it!!!

7 thoughts on “Blue Mountain shows no mercy!

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  1. Sometimes there will be bad weather!!

    Had the weather been absolutely perfect, would you have enjoyed it at all? Do you think your nerves got the best of you?

    1. I just wasn’t expecting the high wind & thunderstorm. I was riding knowing cars could barely see me due to the heavy rain. Not bring proper rain gears had some effect as well. If the weather was perfect?? Hmmm…..I think I would enjoy it a bit more, but the course was still a tad too intense for my biking skills.

  2. Cherry you have to start learning to power through. Your biking skills are more than adequate. It would’ve been a different story had I been biking it.

    Not sure why you are lacking the confidence?

    1. Haha, this sounds like military talk. You’re toughening me up!
      I did power through….but it was nonetheless not as enjoyable as I had hoped.

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