Taking over Collingwood

I embarked on an easy ride at Collingwood over the weekend (ROUTE MAP).  A hilly route with some long climbs but at a manageable gradient & pace.  Perfect for getting my legs ready for another cycling race next weekend.  (Photo credit: Thanks to Hussein & Mustafa for some of the photos below)

Over 20 of us met up at Days Inn & Suites parking lot (our hotel for Saturday night).  A huge group!!  The original plan to start pedaling at 10am was scrapped as we waited for the rain to stop.  Finding ways to pass the time got a bit crazy …..

Perfect time to see what it’s like on a tandem – let someone do all the work!

Love these kids

The weather changed for the better at 11am.  Off we go!!

Bob being Bob
The group at the start

The route started out relatively flat for the first 20km.  6km into the ride, Sean already needed quick roadside assistant – a little air in his rear tire.

Sean pumping up his tire

We were mostly cycling along Hwy 26.  Due to the number of kids with us, Mustafa directed us to a gravel trail running parallel to it to avoid traffic.

Gravel Trail
Taking over the trail

20km.  Arrived at Thornbury at Bruce St.  We took a long ice cream break at Harbour Cafe – line up took forever!!  Coincidentally, this was the same ice cream shop I took shelter from the rain when I rode at Blue Mountains last yearI thought it was abandoned at the time!!

Harbour Cafe – claimed to have the best ice cream in Thornbury!

With all of us jacked up on sugar, we were ready to climb the escarpments.  I got excited.  I love me some hills!!!

Hill ahead

Uphills tend to scatter people, especially a big group with lots of children.  I was either leading or with the leading pack, waiting for the rest of the group at each turn.

Waiting for the group to come. A nice little downhill after a climb
Group gathering

38km.  Just conquered 2 long hills on Grey Rd 19.  I was focused & didn’t realize the group wasn’t behind me.  Thank goodness Adam took the effort to climb these hills to catch up to me.  A bit of phone calling, we realized everyone had stopped for lunch a couple of km’s back.  It wasn’t the best news to know we had to backtrack & redo these hills again later on!! 😦

Where is everyone? …. all having lunch!
There I was inhaling a sandwich

Everyone was running low on water.  Our bottles haven’t been replenished since the start.  The heat & dehydration combined, I started getting light-headed & cramps in my foot.  The continuous uphill didn’t help the situation.

44km. Everyone was thrilled to see the Ravenna General Store.  I rushed in, bought a huge bottle of water, drank it, & lay down on the bench.

Ravenna General Store – the bench on the right was a lifesaver

Everyone felt much better after this break.  Time to continue up those hills!

Paul grinding up the hill

54km.  Full 5km of downhill, descending towards Georgian Bay.  So picturesque!!  What a great reward for the earlier grinding efforts.

72.5km.  Arrived back at Days Inn & Suites.  I was about half hour ahead of the main group.  Perfect time to check in to the hotel!!

72.5km trip

What a fun trip!!  The kids were amazing.  None of them complained – even a 5-year-old was able to cycle up those hills!!  Incredible stamina!

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  1. wow another great day of riding for you! love that you love the hills. maybe i need to change my attitude about them. did you ride to a hotel and stay the night and then ride back?

    1. We drove to the hotel, rode around the area, stayed there overnight. Next day, we drove back. Ended up being a good plan – our dinner was a bit too “merry”!!!! 😉

  2. Amazing. I went out for a brief exploration of my neighborhood. Going to be doing a longer ride this weekend. Looking forward to it. Great pics as usual! I would’ve enjoyed that ice cream break for sure!

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