2012 Ride for Heart Part 1: Forming the Team

Ride for Heart took on a whole different level this year.  Being the Team Captain of a Corporate Team is a wild ride on its own.  Ride for Heart is an annual charity cycling event in Toronto on June 3, 2012, where the Don Valley Parkway & Gardiner Expressway (2 main highways!) are closed down... Continue Reading →

Riding for Champagne?

The Shed Coffee Bar has always been 1 of my favourite coffee shops & cycling destination.  Cycling oriented, scenic location, & lattes served in a bowl!!  Thanks to Facebook, I found out about their relocation from Belfountain to Erin a few weeks ago.  5km away from the old location! Today was their Grand Opening! (Route... Continue Reading →

Impulsive Training Ride

This ride was only supposed to be recorded on my Dailymile - not expecting it to be special enough to blog.  Same old route to Caledon - my "go-to" route, the one I did 2 days ago, the one I know all too well.  I woke up to sunshine, warmth, & low wind (at least... Continue Reading →

Cheltenham Badlands

1 down on my 2012 To-Do cycling trips!!  I wanted to visit Cheltenham Badlands in Caledon, ON since October 2011 (ROUTE MAP).  I originally planned on riding to The Shed Coffee Bar in Belfountain, ON with a detour to Cheltenham Badlands on the way.   Yesterday I found out The Shed is relocating to Erin,... Continue Reading →

1st 2012 ride

I took last week off work, but it's not the perfect holiday until a bike ride is involved.  Temperature today was over 5C.  Is it really January in Canada?  Not complaining, in fact, I give Mother Nature a huge THANK YOU!! 😀 I took full advantage of the warm (but breezy!) day to start training... Continue Reading →


Being an energy bar junkie has flattened my wallet over the past year.  When selecting bars, I'm not concerned about whether they are organic; however, they do need to be natural (as much as possible).  Natural products are conveniently pricier than those overdosed with glucose-fructose.  I rely on them primarily for cardio activities (biking &... Continue Reading →

2011 Closing & New Pedals

OUT with the platforms, IN with the clipless!!  FINALLY!!! 😀 Now I have nothing to blame but myself whenever someone beats me on an uphill.  As mentioned before, I have a pair of bike shoes that are 1 size too small.  It's still on sale in Kijiji if anyone's interested!!  I ended up buying another... Continue Reading →

‘CRAP’-py End to Bike Season??

Thanks to the sunshine today, I managed to squeeze in probably the last bike trip this year. 😦 We decided to set out later than usual due to the cool temperature (highest 10C).  C'mon PM sun & warmth!! We were off just shy of noon.  The route was along the Humber River Trail/ Waterfront Trail;... Continue Reading →

The Shed Finale

I hit up The Shed in Belfountain, ON (Route map) today for the 4th & probably last time this year.  No particular reason except for the love of coffee & cycling.  I didn't wear my attires properly today & suffered horrible saddle pain.  I was stopping every ~5km to alleviate the pain.  It was a... Continue Reading →

Biking around St.Catharines

I truly have met some amazing people at MS Bike Tour.  Besides playing squash together, they periodically cycle together which are typically organized by Mustafa & his family. For the grand finale of summer, Mustafa organized a bike ride around St. Catharines today.  The route is part of the 57km Thorold-Welland Loop.  Luch invited me... Continue Reading →

Tour de Mississauga 2011

UPDATE: Cindy & I made it on the thumbnail of Tour de Mississauga 2011 goodlife video!!! *************************************************************************************************** What a weekend!  After Tour de Greenbelt yesterday, it was time for the 4th annual Tour de Mississauga today!!  Registration cost?  FREE!!  You won't find THAT anywhere! 😛  This event keeps growing each year, reaching a record high... Continue Reading →

Tour de Greenbelt 2011

I've waited one whole year for this year's Tour de Greenbelt......yes, a "thumb twiddling" long wait.  It's finally HERE!!!  😀  I got a cold since Monday, but nothing, I mean NOTHING is going to stop me from participating.  I was prepared.....my bike bag was stuffed with Kleenex! 😛 Unlike previous years (ie. at Niagara &... Continue Reading →

Blue Mountain shows no mercy!

People normally go DOWNhill at Blue Mountains.  I beg to be different, I go UPhill.  For the 1st time in the 2 years I've been cycling, I did not enjoy my ride at all.  The combination of terrifying weather, challenging terrain, & getting lost made yesterday's ride the most traumatic ride yet. In preparation for... Continue Reading →

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