Ride for Heart 2014

With my low mileage this year, Ride for Heart (75km) was the longest ride so far with its once-a-year unique opportunity to ride on a highway.  The ride package included the typical bike plate … and new this year … a dorky helmet cover.  WHY???  Mandatory or not, it was not going on my head.

Helmet Cover

After a 3:30am wake up call, we arrived at the Parking Lot by 5am.  It was a cold morning and the breeze by the lake was chilly.  I stuck with an arm warmer and 2 layers of short sleeve jerseys.  We headed out to the 6am early start chute.  I was surprised by the lack of ohhhh-ahhhhh’s that I used to have when I rode up the ramp onto the highway.  This was my 4th year doing the ride and the amazement didn’t seem to be there.  It was nonetheless a terrific ride and always a huge turnout.  It was also an excellent opportunity for me to gauge my fitness level coming out of winter hibernation …. when it’s already summer time.



The most inspiring sight was seeing a little girl, maybe around 5 years old, riding her own bike alongside her mom.  There was also a serious bike crash which seemed to happen each year.  This always baffles me since all 4 lanes of the highway are open to cyclists …

IMG_20140601_070522s IMG_20140601_070530s

At the end of the ride, we were greeted by the typical cheering crowd, followed by a finisher medal which was a new addition this year!


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