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I’m a Canuck who enjoys endurance sports and the great outdoors.  What initially began as a diary is now my fitness and travel blog.  I enjoy hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, canoeing/kayaking, trail running, and most recently became a die-hard Inferno Hot Pilates fan.

Exercising became a hobby since January 2010.  I ran, joined fitness classes, and swam every weekend.  My cycling addiction began in April 2010 when I bought my 1st bicycle and participated in bike tours that summer.  An instant magical bond!!  I bought my road bike that year in October to take cycling to a more serious level.
Although mostly a roadie, I decided to risk my life on the trails in 2013 by venturing into mountain biking.  It was a short-lived venture after a bad tumble that landed myself in physio for half a year.  Hilton Falls 003
I lost interest in cycling (and consequently, blogging) in 2015 – a combination of repetitive cycling routes, high prices of cycling events, and inability to excel in cycling races no matter how hard I tried.  I gradually reduced my riding times and eventually sold all my bikes one-by-one.

Hiking and traveling became the replacement.  I have always enjoyed hiking since I was yea high and in 2017, a trip to Iceland and Faroe Islands took hiking to a whole new level, or rather “to new heights”.  Hiking up a mountain proved challenging in a good way.  The views were breathtaking.  It was refreshing, exhilarating … frightening at times … and I want more!!Day 4-152.jpgAn epic hiking trip in the alps of Switzerland and Austria in 2018 made me realized how badly my fitness level declined after a few years of hiatus in endurance sports.  It inspired me to get my fitness game back up.
This is my ever-evolving journey.  Explore my blog & drop me some comments.  I love reading them!

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  1. Whoa, made it on your blog and didn’t even know. Is it just me or do we look quite young in this photo despite that it has only been about a year and a half ago.

    And if I haven’t mentioned yet, nice blog Cherry.

    1. Michelle!!!! Thanks for dropping by!! Of course you’d be featured here!! Although you’re right, we look like children there. Maybe it’s time for an update, but I refuse.

    1. actually quite the opposite … I’m more of a weekend warrior. Commuting is only a bonus mainly because I enjoy cycling out of the city.

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