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June 2013 – Aug 30, 2016

The Lapierre X-Flow 312 is a rather surprising purchase for me and those who know me.  Being a roadie, I was originally saving up for a carbon road bike this year, hoping to score a good deal at the Fall 2013 bike show.  Mountain biking never once crossed my mind.  Then I met a mtb friend back in Jan 2013 and one thing led to another, I got interested in the sport a couple months later.  I coincidentally met many mtb-ers on tours the same year who did road riding as cross-training.  I gave it a shot on my friend’s bike and it’s definitely more challenging than road.  It was a nice change of scenery away from traffic.  To make it more sell-able, I suddenly lost interest in long distance road rides the same year, finding it ever boring.

A few test rides at the local bike store, I was hooked to the feel of the Lapierre X-Control 110 but didn’t have my size.  I then contacted Lapierre Toronto which through a series of events, hooked me up to an X-Flow instead.  Through more series of events with the Lapierre warehouse, I was offered the bike at a stealing deal, so good that I promised the owner not to disclose it.  Let’s just say, I bought it for less than half the original price!  The specs are amazing – full suspension with 120mm of travel, RockShox RL fork, and Shimano SLT/XT derailleur 30 speeds.  I hope I will soon give the bike justice, mtb can be overwhelming.

My carbon road bike will have to wait ….

Louis Garneau
October 2010 – April 2017

The Louis Garneau Axis 4.0 is 1 of my most prized possessions & I treat it like he’s my son.  I got this road bike quite impulsively at the Fall 2010 International Bike Show.  At the time, I’ve gotten into cycling for about 1 bike season & I knew my preference was road riding.

I wanted to get a road bike for the next bike season & had been hunting various bike shops for Fall deals.  I didn’t expect to buy one at the Bike Show, but I did & ended up maxing out my credit card (my account was immediately frozen due to this “unusually ” large expenditure).  I never looked back.

Louis Bike
Freshly bought

My Garneau features Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur; Shimano 105 front derailleur & shift/brake levers; and carbon fork & seat post.  I adore this bike & have no regrets, especially since this is not a common brand.  To date, I have not seen more than 2 Garneau’s on any bike tours!!  I love being unique!


April 2010 – 2017

Next up is my commuting bike, Supercycle!  When I first started biking in April 2010, I wasn’t sure if I would love it as a hobby & didn’t know what type of cycling I like.  Would I prefer road, trails, mountain??  I decided to purchase an inexpensive bike at Canadian Tire.  I got this hybrid bike for only $199!

This bike got me through my 1st bike season & was used as my transportation to & from the train station for work!  That was until it got vandalized on Oct 2010.  I returned from work one day & there it stood…..a piece of junk metal!!  Some idiot cut up all its housing & cables and even stole my steering cap.  They were probably trying to steal the frame.  My boss generously repaired it for me (free of charge!!).  Supercycle is now back in action!  Now that I have a road bike, I primarily use it for commuting.  I was really paranoid about locking my bike after this traumatic experience & even vowed to never do it again.  But I guess it’s life.  Tragedy happens.  I need to learn & move forward.


Oct 8, 2010 – Oct 23, 2010

I was a proud owner of a folding bike, Dahon Speed D7, for a “long” period of 2 weeks :D!  Immediately after my Supercycle got vandalized, I was paranoid to the MAX!  I made a promise to myself to never lock my bike outside ever again!!!  One solution was to get a “Foldie” – I could fold the bike, bring it on the train, bring it up to my office, & store it under my desk.  😀  That was my “a-ha” moment.  Within a week of searching, I scoped out a foldie for $500.

It’s not top-of-the-line, but it’s sufficient as a commuting bike.  I enjoyed using it for a couple of days, until I realized this bike was literally hurting me!!  I had to carry it up several flights of stairs each day & roll it inside my office building.  At 34-lbs, it put a lot of strain on my back & shoulders.  The pedals also kept hitting my leg, giving me bruises everywhere!!!  After 2 weeks, I had to say farewell & return it.  Nonetheless, it was fun while it lasted, especially with strangers coming up to me to ask curious questions about this odd looking bike!!

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  1. Wow, those bike thefts….. I have a Dahon folding bike -7 speed with internal hub. I love it and call it “Baby Day” to distinguish it from my partner’s Dahon which is a different model. This is in addition to 3 other bikes that I have. Still cheaper than buying a car. 🙂

    1. Yep bike thefts are definitely out there – apparently, they don’t care much about bike quality. Otherwise, why would they even consider destroying a cheap Canadian Tire bike?! Do you use your folding bike solely for commuting?

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