Centurion Horseshoe 2014

Centurion Horseshoe was another epic experience.  I am no stranger to this event, yet my experience seems to be elevated year after year.  The resorts nearby only allowed a minimum of 2 nights stay - no complaints from me!  Arriving on Friday at Carriage Ridge Resort, we began an enjoyable long weekend of hiking, feasting,... Continue Reading →

Ride for Heart 2014

With my low mileage this year, Ride for Heart (75km) was the longest ride so far with its once-a-year unique opportunity to ride on a highway.  The ride package included the typical bike plate ... and new this year ... a dorky helmet cover.  WHY???  Mandatory or not, it was not going on my head.... Continue Reading →

Tour of Bronte Dirt Dash 2014

It all began last year when long road rides started to feel a little mundane.  A new cycling season is here and it is time to try something new!  After intensive deliberations, I registered for the Tour of Bronte Dirt Dash for my first ever race on mountain bike, my first race with laps, and... Continue Reading →

Tour de Hans 2013

Tour de Hans finished off my cycling event for the year.  I was pumped heading to the ride, yet put a lot of pressure on myself to end the season well.  This Gran Fondo Style race takes riders along the scenic Waterloo Region, followed by post-ride Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest celebrations.  Big thanks to all the police... Continue Reading →

Tour de Mississauga 2013

I jumped into another ride in less than 24 hrs after the 125km GranFondo Niagara Falls.  I enjoy Tour de Mississauga each year for its lack of entry fee and convenience -- right at the neck of my 'hood. The ride to the start was barely 5km.  The second I plopped on the saddle, I... Continue Reading →

GranFondo Niagara Falls 2013

What a treat to be part of the inaugural GranFondo Niagara Falls in the picturesque Niagara region! The organizers truly created a top-notch event -- well organized, scenic route, and even a free concert!  The roads were closed for cyclists, including the high-traffic Niagara Parkway on a busy Saturday morning. That alone was amazing. Police... Continue Reading →

Crank up the Anticipation

September is another exciting cycling month, similar to June except events are more clustered.  Next Saturday is the highly anticipated GranFondo Niagara Falls, followed by Tour de Mississauga on Sunday. With the need to taper off cycling for the week, I squeezed in one last long ride past Sunday to the infamous Café Domestique in... Continue Reading →

Centurion Niagara Ride

A free cycling event?  I'm in!  I haven't ridden any long rides since June.  The Niagara Falls training ride hosted by Centurion Cycling was the perfect chance to end the hiatus, especially since the GranFondo Niagara Falls is fast approaching.  Under sunny skies, a sprained wrist, & a slight cold, I was excited to get... Continue Reading →

Civic Holiday 2013

Civic Long Weekend was quite memorable & filled with lots of outdoor activities. Fri. Aug 2 to Sun. Aug 4 (Québec) My friends and I always plan a nice little vacation every summer.  This year, it was to Blueberry Lake Resort in Labelle, Québec - North of Mont Tremblant.  It was a wet weekend, with... Continue Reading →


There's been silence for a few weeks, tied directly to silence in cycling.  A little rewind back to the end of June when I bought a new mountain bike, Lapierre X-Flow 312.  The story began on a wet drizzling Friday, June 28th --Lapierre's 1st time in MTB environment.  Let's just say I got initiated into the... Continue Reading →

Tour de Waterloo 2013

This was my first time at Tour de Waterloo and it won't be my last - well organized, top-notch lunch, and scenic route.  It was a hot and humid day, but at least it stayed dry.  The forecasted thunderstorm never showed. I was decked out in the full GranFondo Niagara Falls kit for the first... Continue Reading →

Centurion Ontario 2013

Centurion Ontario at Horseshoe Valley this year marked my first ever race under nonstop rain.  We arrived the day before on Saturday under sunny skies, hard to believe the next day would become miserable so drastically. SATURDAY (Pre-Race) Saturday was relaxing, arriving at Horseshoe Resort just in time for race packet pickup with 10min to... Continue Reading →

Tour de Grand 2013

This year's Cambridge Tour de Grand was blessed with warm weather.  Not too hot and hardly any wind, just perfect.  I had an amazing time and hit a PB. While waiting for the ride to start, it was a nice surprise to see Dean from GranFondo Canada promoting the upcoming GranFondo Niagara Falls. At last,... Continue Reading →

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