Ride to Cafe Domestique

I’ve been craving a ride to Cafe Domestique (Domestique-Cafe Cyclo Sportif) in Dundas, Ontario all summer (Route Map).  Cafe Domestique is no ordinary coffee shop.  It’s a cycling-themed coffee shop & a hot meetup spot for cyclists.  The owner combined his 2 passions: cycling and coffee.

This ride was originally my plan for next year with the warm weather winding down.  However, my buddy Luch was up for this epic ride last weekend.  I got all psyched up & mapped out the entire route……then it rained with >35km/hr wind! 😦  Today was different – a sunny & hot day in October!!  As a bonus, it’s Thanksgiving long weekend! PERFECT day for a 118km bike ride.

We took off at 9:30AM today from my house (with my bike all newly tuned up)!  The route from Mississauga to Oakville had more traffic than expected on a Saturday.  We had to ride in single file most of the time.  The path from Oakville to Burlington was along Lakeshore.  I was amazed when I passed by Royal Botanical Gardens (I used to drive here – Who needs a car?! 😉 ).  The path became more scenic as we biked closer to the 48km mark.  The leaves changed colours – SO BEAUTIFUL! 😀  There was also a train track running through a forest of Fall colours.  I love trains.  This is truly a “picture-perfect” moment.

Train track running through Fall colours at the 50k mark – AMAZING

The ride was quite flat as we were biking along the escarpment until we reached Dundas.  We had some winding downhills & knew we would need some climbing legs on our return trip.  We tried to erase that thought out of our heads because WE WERE HERE!! 😀

Arrived at Domestique after 2hr22min & 59km

I walked in and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!  Bikes were hung on the walls, along with bike jerseys, paintings, & photographs.  These were true cycling memorabilia – how about jerseys worn by Michael Barry?!?!  😯  Did they have to tempt me with the Cervelo in front of the counter????  I was drooling over it.  I was admiring all the bike porn before I remembered to order my coffee!! 😛

Bike jerseys on the wall
Top of the line bike – check out the Dura-Ace derailleur, oh my!
Cervelo in front of the counter….can I have it?!
An ancient coffee machine transformed as a table!
More bike porn
Trialist table
Sign above the Baby Changing Station in the washroom – Is it saying what I think it means?

I ordered a skim Cappuccino & Luch a double espresso.  The owner was so concerned about making the espresso perfect because he knew right away that Luch was Italian!  So hilarious!  Everything turned out perfectly & Luch was quite impressed even with his high standards!!  My Cappuccino was heaven – so foamy, rich, & amazing Latte art.  I found my new favourite coffee place!

We didn’t want to leave the Cafe, especially with the uphill for the 1st 10-15km on the return trip waiting for us.  Alas, we must go.  The temperature definitely got HOT though – I didn’t mind it one bit.  I missed the heat!!!

Quick rest en route home

I was one happy rider when we returned back to my house.  A whopping 118km – my new record!!  😀 What a great kick-start to the long weekend.  I was surprised how much energy I had left in me.  It must be from all the spinning classes!  Thanks CYKL!!

Post-ride – great start to a long wknd!
118 km

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  1. Do you have any pictures of this?
    “how about jerseys worn by Michael Barry & signed by Team Sky’s Tour de France and Giro d’Italia?!?!”

    I don’t think any Sky Procycling rider has ever worn the yellow jersey… I could be wrong.

    1. Hahaha point taken!! 🙂 Definitely not that yellow jersey. I don’t know which jersey is which, but those ‘said’ jerseys are in the shop somewhere (they couldn’t have lied 😉 ). I believe the Michael Barry ones are beside the replica yellow & green jerseys in my “cervelo in front of the counter” photo.

        1. Yah, you’re right, it doesn’t make sense. In my defense, I wrote it at midnight!! How ’bout I just keep it simple….. 😆

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