2012 Season Prep

The accuracy of Daylight Saving always amazes me.  The clocks “spring forward”1 hour today & temperature immediately jumps above 10C.  Beautiful spring weather!  Yesterday was still around the freezing mark!

This could only mean 1 thing – 2012 bike season is almost in full swing.  Lots of bike tours & trips on my wish-list including my 1st bike race (fingers crossed I don’t chicken out).  I went to the Toronto International Bike Show last weekend.  Had an amazing time but the sales weren’t impressive.  I did buy a bike repair stand in hopes of becoming more mechanical-savvy (wishful thinking).  The owner of Cafe Domestique, Krys Hines, was at the show.  He somehow remembers me as the “girl with the platform pedals”.  Impressive memory!  But this “perspective” of me will soon change! 😀

Still recovering from my foot injury, Extensor Tendonitis (more specifically, extensor hallucis longus tendonitis), I buckled down to clean my road bike last weekend …. the chain, cassette, crankset.  It was so black & grimy – I never fully cleaned my bike from last year 😳 .  Shiny & silver now, just the way it should be!  This explains why I always got horrible chainring tattoos like a noob last year. 

This weekend, I learned how to remove the rear wheel (about time?) & watched tons of “fix a flat tire” videos.  I hope it won’t happen this year, but I’m very paranoid about getting a flat on the road.

Time to work on my Supercycle – the cleaning & the darn squeaky noise!!  The squeakiness is still not fixed from last year.  My suspicion is the headset since I hear it even when coasting.  I removed the top cap & was immediately at a loss of what to do.  Fearing I would make things worst, I screwed it back in place.  But then I noticed my handlebar & front wheel weren’t even aligned.   Wow, have I been biking like that all last year???  Do I bike safe or what?! 😮  No idea how to fix this.

Handlebar & wheel completely out of alignment!

Next steps?  The alignment of my road bike’s rear derailleur is still bothering me even though I only got it tuned up last September!  As soon as my foot heals, I need to take both my bikes for a tune-up AGAIN!  And quick!!  UGH!  Weather is gorgeous & I want to bike soon!

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  1. It’s possible that the front became misaligned when you screwed the cap on. You should hold the handlebars in position while you tighten it.
    Why do you think the squeaking is from the headset? The noise is originating from the front?

    1. It’s possible. But I later found out how to fix it. I realigned the handlebar & wheel and tightened all the bolts. But then when I held the wheel in place & tried to move the handlebar, the handlebar still turns!!! It’s either just poorly designed (not perfect fit) or me! The squeaky noise from the front disppeared after this relignment dilemma. Now the noise comes from the chain rubbing against the “thing” above the chainguard. frustrating!

    1. Thanks Jeff! Didn’t know about this place until now. Went to their website & the owner seems unbelievably passionate about cycling!

      1. ziggy is a true patron of the sport. along with midweek cycling, ziggy is the other main race promoter organizing road and cross events. the toronto downtown criterium was his event. sadly, it’s not taking pace this year.

        1. Oh no, the criterium by St. Lawrence market? I know about this race & even thought of watching it this year. That’s just too bad; it’s so close to home! I hope the event comes back next year.

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