The Last Ride

It’s my tradition to visit Cafe Domestique at least once a year (ROUTE MAP).  Route was planned since early October.  Then came all the injuries & wet weather. 😦 What a shame to end a season with an unfinished business after such an amazing cycling year!!  No, I CANNOT let that happen.

With temperatures nearing the freezing mark (coldest I’ve ever ridden in), I rode my last ride of the season.  Last year‘s route was along Lakeshore – boring, uninspiring, flat commercial road.  Ew!  To up the ante this year, the route involved climbing the hills of Milton & descending the winding hill on Sydenham Rd in Dundas before hitting the Cafe.  Primary challenge of the day was all the hills on Britannia Rd between Walkers Line & Cedar Spring Rd.

Syndenham Rd – winding hill. Why does it look flat on camera?

I didn’t feel cold once in motion.  The only problem was my water bottles.  The plastic was frozen; I had to stop each time to use both hands to squeeze it.  Never knew this problem existed!!!

We stopped at the lookout on Sydenham Rd in Dundas, ON.  Cool view overlooking the entire city!

Lookout on Syndenham Rd

Stopping meant freezing & chattering teeth.  With muscles shaking uncontrollably, we zoomed down Syndenham Rd, wind chilling to the bones.  BRRR!!!  The Cafe was only a couple KM away – the warmth, the cappuccino!

So much for warmth!  Coincidentally, the Beaches Cycling Club (BCC) booked off the Cafe for their “end of season” celebrations.  Full house!!  We were forced to fend for ourselves outside on their freezing patio.  Luckily, there was a blanket on the patio bench.  Whose blanket? Don’t know.  Where it had been? Don’t even want to know!  I grabbed it like treasure to warm up.  Cappuccino was delicious – yep, worth the visit!! 😀  A shout-out to coworker Meredith for the Larabars – can’t find these flavours in Canada!

On the patio with someone’s blanket
Full house!!

Call me chicken.  But I had no motivation or skills to power up Syndenham.  I made a detour around it – choosing the gradual climb up the escarpment on York Rd.

That’s it folks!! Last long ride of 2012.  End it with a BANG!  Winter is here.

110 km ride. Self reminder – computer low on battery!

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  1. you are a stud! it was freezing! love the cafe… wish i could visit it. you have such a great cycling season-so proud of you. now what will you do in the off season?

    1. Thanks! This cafe is always buzzing with cyclists. Off season involves a bit of cross-country skiing & lots of spinning!! I foresee a frigid cold winter!!!

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