Tough life for Salmon

Salmon leads a very interesting life…..brutal in my opinion!!  They migrate from rivers into oceans, & back again when they are sexually mature to breed & lay eggs (Visit here for more info).  This journey upstream is exhausting & dangerous as they fight through currents, leap through waterfalls, & avoid predators.  Many do not survive.  Salmon dies after spawning which fertilizes the stream.

I was shocked when my parents told me that salmon swim upstream through the Credit River in the Fall to spawn.  That’s only a couple blocks from my house!!!  Chinook & Coho Salmon hatch in the Credit River, migrate downstream to Lake Ontario, & return upstream to Credit River after 4 years to spawn.  As a nature lover, I ventured out to see this incredible sight with my parents & dog Laser on Thanksgiving Sunday.  We can spot the Salmon on the Culham Trail, running along the East side of the Credit River.

Beautiful view
Bridge on Culham Trail overlooking Credit River

Disclaimer: Some of the pictures below are quite disturbing!!

School of salmon
Some didn't make it 😦
See the salmon?
Here's a close up! The water is so shallow - so sad
Dead salmon 😦
Laser is rightfully exhausted!

I was amazed & saddened by this visit.  What a way to spend a Thanksgiving Sunday! 😐  It gave me a new perspective on life.  Next time you think YOU live a tough life?  THINK AGAIN!

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