A Rookie Mistake

I committed a rookie mistake yesterday.  I've had my fair share of bonking in the past but never to this level.  As one of my 2013 goals, I completed back-to-back spin classes last night.  I don't usually bring electrolytes or energy bars for spinning, strictly reserving them for cycling.  Let's face it, they are convenient... Continue Reading →

Just being Cautious

This weekend has been sunny & warm (as far as winter goes).  I shied away from last Wednesday's RR run since it was snowy & frigid in Toronto.  How do people run without traction aids on their shoes?  I've not seen anyone wear them! I owe myself a makeup run today.  After a hefty brunch... Continue Reading →

2012 Season Closing

Another season gone. 😦 I can't believe this was only my 3rd cycling season!!  Haven't I been doing this forever? 2012 was a spectacular year.  No regrets, no unfinished business.  Total satisfaction.  A recap ... Total road bike mileage of  2766km (excludes commuter bike).  Thanks to the warm winter & early spring! 1st year on... Continue Reading →

2011 Closing & New Pedals

OUT with the platforms, IN with the clipless!!  FINALLY!!! 😀 Now I have nothing to blame but myself whenever someone beats me on an uphill.  As mentioned before, I have a pair of bike shoes that are 1 size too small.  It's still on sale in Kijiji if anyone's interested!!  I ended up buying another... Continue Reading →

Ride to Cafe Domestique

I've been craving a ride to Cafe Domestique (Domestique-Cafe Cyclo Sportif) in Dundas, Ontario all summer (Route Map).  Cafe Domestique is no ordinary coffee shop.  It's a cycling-themed coffee shop & a hot meetup spot for cyclists.  The owner combined his 2 passions: cycling and coffee. This ride was originally my plan for next year... Continue Reading →

Tour de Norfolk

UPDATE: Try to spot me in the CD 98.9FM photo gallery: here and here! 😀  They were taken at the starting line.  I also made it on the official tour photostream here.  This was shot right after lunch when I jokingly complained to 1 of the organizers about the hill straight ahead! ****************************************************************************************************** Another gorgeous... Continue Reading →

My thighs are Spent!

My legs feel like bricks!  I signed up for the Introductory 2-week special at CYKL on Monday.  That's 2 weeks of unlimited spinning classes!!  I took full advantage of it & went spinning after work this Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Tuesday's class was  such a unique class.  Since it's Tour de France month, CYKL held... Continue Reading →

Conquered those Hills

My past week of steak, pasta, & wine (company conference) calls for a much needed bike ride!  What better day to burn everything off than a sunny & gorgeous Canada Day!!!  Happy Birthday Canada! 😀 Today's route has been a fear of mine since last year.  The destination is Belfountain, Ontario in the Hills of... Continue Reading →

CYKL – the BEST Spin studio!

If you think spin classes are only restricted to motionless stationary bikes, THINK AGAIN!  CYKL is Toronto's first indoor cycling studio that uses Revolutionary RealRyder bikes.  Just imagine a spin bike that literally leans into a turn!!  This is a cyclist's wildest dream for indoor training!! 😀 I learned about CYKL at the International Bicycle... Continue Reading →

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