2011 Closing & New Pedals

OUT with the platforms, IN with the clipless!!  FINALLY!!! 😀 Now I have nothing to blame but myself whenever someone beats me on an uphill.  As mentioned before, I have a pair of bike shoes that are 1 size too small.  It’s still on sale in Kijiji if anyone’s interested!!  I ended up buying another pair at the Bike Show back in October.  My bro recently bought a new set of pedals & I purchased his old ones at a low very low price.  Awesome!  I can’t wait until next year to give them a spin!!

New pedals installed (Crank Brothers Candy SL) along with my new Pearl iZumi shoes

Time for an official closing.  Temperature is dropping, winter jacket is out, Santa is coming….. & roadie is in the basement.  So sad.
This season marked my 2nd year of biking & my 1st year on a road bike.  I had the best time – absolutely NO regrets or any unfinished business.  It turned out better than I could’ve ever imagined.  It’s mostly due to all the amazing people I met along the way who share the same passion addiction as me & kept me company on long rides.  I also rode A LOT more mileage, had better pace control (thanks to my cyclocomputer), & conquered some challenging routes & conditions.  I’m starting to steer away from being a “bike noob“.

Here’s the final result before I reset it for next year – 1382 km.  This does NOT include mileage on my commuter bike (ie. for work etc) since it doesn’t have a cyclocomputer.

I’ll be spending the next 6 months prepping for the next bike season ….mapping out bike routes, spinning at CYKL to build up my endurance, & registering for 2012 bike events!!  In the meantime, I really need to get those towels & chain-cleaner out for a final bike cleanup!!

5 thoughts on “2011 Closing & New Pedals

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  1. Love this post! You are motivating me to start fresh and track miles etc kind like I do running . Love how addicted to cycling you are. Yes pit roadie away and clean her up for hibernation 🙂

    1. No way!! I thought you have a cyclocomputer on your bike!! I would be lost without mine on long rides! It’s a good motivator too – ie. letting you know it’s your final 10km so you can do a final PUSH! 😉

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