CYKL – the BEST Spin studio!

If you think spin classes are only restricted to motionless stationary bikes, THINK AGAIN!  CYKL is Toronto’s first indoor cycling studio that uses Revolutionary RealRyder bikes.  Just imagine a spin bike that literally leans into a turn!!  This is a cyclist’s wildest dream for indoor training!! 😀

I learned about CYKL at the International Bicycle Show back in March.  I was immediately intrigued by their bikes – I’ve never seen anything like it!  As a bonus, the studio is only a 1/2 hr walk from my office.  Did I mention…..your 1st class is FREE?!!  😀
I was so excited to try it out today.  I signed up for “CYKL 60” – 60 sweaty minutes of flat roads, hills, turns, & intervals.  I had such a fantastic experience.  I was first greeted by Rachel at the front desk.  She was so helpful.  She helped me set up my bike & taught me some basics about controlling it.  I was so surprised when she let me borrow SPD bike shoes!!  Now THAT really is my ultimate dream!  Believe it or not, I’m still using platforms on my road bike……this is so embarrassing when I ride alongside avid cyclists on bike tours. 😳  But I have yet to find a good deal on pedals & cleats.

Back to SPD shoes!!  It’s mentioned on their website that we could “rent” them.  So when Rachel told me I could borrow them, I nearly died of happiness.  Since I’ve never used bike shoes before, I got a quick lesson on how to snap them in place on the pedals.  I love how I don’t need to worry about slipping off platforms!

My instructor, Patrice, was awesome!!  😀 She was enthusiastic, encouraging, & energetic.  I gave it my all at the beginning…..until I got tired & the handlebar started swinging out of control!!  Ahhh, this bike really works your core & arms!  Your arms need to be strong enough to maintain a turn.  Keeping your core tight at all times will help steady the bike.  These bikes do NOT allow cheating or slacking off!  When you get off your saddle for some “uphill” work, your resistance NEEDS to be high; otherwise, your handlebar WILL sway violently!  Despite gasping for breath, I was having so much fun!! 😀  At the end of the class, Patrice even showed me a couple of techniques to steady the bikes!

There are only positive comments about CYKL: caring staff, upbeat music, unique bikes, SPD shoes…….I can’t wait for my next session!!  What a hidden gem in Toronto!

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    1. The class is normally full, but since it’s summertime, people usually take their biking outdoors. So I don’t think we were even half-filled! I can’t wait for you to join me! You’ll love it……well, you’ll hate me during the lesson!! 😀

      I’m trying to drag nick in too! haha

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