My thighs are Spent!

My legs feel like bricks!  I signed up for the Introductory 2-week special at CYKL on Monday.  That’s 2 weeks of unlimited spinning classes!!  I took full advantage of it & went spinning after work this Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

Tuesday‘s class was  such a unique class.  Since it’s Tour de France month, CYKL held classes called “Tour de France Stage”.  On Tuesday, it was  75min endurance for Tour de France Stage 4.   They played the last 75min of the race on TV & we were mimicking the terrain with our bikes!  It was a winding route with rolling hills & finished with 2 HUGE climbs.  The last big climb was a distance of 2km; it was so steep that the finish line was visible from the bottom of the hill.  For cyclists out there, it was an impressive gradient of 6.9 on average!  I was so inspired by the Tour de France riders on TV.  This class consumed ALL my energy.  I was gasping for breath & sweating out a lake by the end of the class…….I felt sorry for the person sitting beside me on the bus ride home!  😳

Wednesday’s class was focused on hill rides.  I was already so sore from Tuesday’s class…..I barely had any juice left in my tank!!  I didn’t give it my all that day. 😦  Thursday‘s class was focused on intervals.  I definitely made up for my lack of effort on Wednesday & pushed myself to the max!  I was quite proud of myself.  😀

I couldn’t go spinning today due to schedule conflicts.  So I decided to bike to work after a long debate with myself last night.  Not allowing myself a recovery day is probably a bad idea, but I really need to train up!!  😮 My best part of the route to work is Humber Bay Park.  I just love the view from Humber Bay Bridge overlooking the skyline of Toronto.

This picture doesn't give the view any justice - I had to block out the sun with my hand & the ropes on the bridge were in the way

I wanted to see whether my riding speed improved with all the spinning classes.  NOPE!!  My legs were totally spent from the past few days.  I was basically at my usual speed; PLUS, my bike got really squeaky which annoyed me for most of my trip.  I have no clue what’s causing it!  😦  Speaking of bikes, I can’t wait to pick up my Garneau from the bike shop this weekend.  I dropped it off on Monday for a tune-up.

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