2012 Season Closing

Another season gone. 😦 I can’t believe this was only my 3rd cycling season!!  Haven’t I been doing this forever?

2012 was a spectacular year.  No regrets, no unfinished business.  Total satisfaction.  A recap …

Total road bike mileage of  2766km (excludes commuter bike).  Thanks to the warm winter & early spring!

4148km minus last year’s 1382km

1st year on clip-lessReally?  I can’t live without them!!

1st year racing.  Completed 3 races (see post Here, Here, & Here)!  Poor rankings but they gave me profound perspectives on cycling, ie. weekend rides are “training” rides.

1st year as a Team Captain.  I led a Team in a charity ride (see Post).

1st year as a Team member.  I joined a Team in a charity ride (see Post)….

…. and then winning a Team award!

1st year riding single-handedA natural ability for many, but not me.  Finally able to drink water & take pictures while riding.  Very critical in races!

1st year receiving a product for review.  Go try out EnergyBits!!  (See post Here & Here).

1st year discovering the hilly gems of Milton.  Lots of hill training!! (see post Here, Here, Here, & Here)

Highest daily mileage.  My highest record of 128km in a day (see Post).

Fastest average speed of 27-28km/hr.  Achieved my goal of >25km/hr.

Oh 2012, you will be missed!!!!!! 😦

Enduring the “winter blues” means months of self-reflection for 2013.  What I came up with so far ….

My primary focus alternatives year-to-year between pace & distance.  With 2012 focused on upping my pace, 2013’s focus will return to distance.  Here are my tentative rides for 2013 – some are a bit agressive!! 😀

1) Change my saddle.  Interested in a Specialized Ruby.  Fantastic reviews online!!

1) Complete a “real” century ride (160k) or longer.
2) More power on uphills – maintain same cadence (~70rpm) on higher gears as I would on grannies
3) Maintain balance when out of saddle.
4) Rank within top 3/4 of the riders in races.
5) Break my 80km threshold.  Threshold before I start getting tired but can continue riding.
6) More comfortable riding in pace line.  Currently too far away to experience proper drafting.
7) Reach for back bottle while cycling.  Currently only able to reach the front bottle, wasting time in races to rearrange the 2.
8) Maintain better form.  Keep legs aligned, shoulders down, bent elbows.
9) Fuel body properly.  Stop waiting until I bonk to eat!!

HOW? Easy.  Just spin like crazy (strategically) in the winter!!!! 
1) Ride more back-to-back classes to increase endurance capacity.
2) Crank up resistance on hills to improve muscular power.
3) Never sacrifice form for intensity.  I learned it the hard way ….  ask my chiropractor!!  Keep shoulders down & head up both on & out of the saddle.
4) More diligent with foam rolling after class to avoid injuries.

You might find me here in winter …

How was your 2012 season?  Any goals for next year?

4 thoughts on “2012 Season Closing

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  1. Just a note from a big slow guy in Southern Ontario that I’ve enjoyed all your posts this year, best of luck in 2013.

    My own goals: Weight loss, and a focus on improving Functional Threshold Power through long 15 and 20 minute intervals on the trainer this winter.

    1. Thanks Dave! How much road riding do you do? Are you using indoor bike trainer? Interval training is definitely a fantastic way to burn up energy for weight loss. Keep it up!!!

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