Just being Cautious

This weekend has been sunny & warm (as far as winter goes).  I shied away from last Wednesday’s RR run since it was snowy & frigid in Toronto.  How do people run without traction aids on their shoes?  I’ve not seen anyone wear them!

Dark & snowy, my fail-proof recipe for running injuries

I owe myself a makeup run today.  After a hefty brunch (small brunches are impossible), I set out for a 9k.  All was good, except for a bit of shin pain.  It first started with my right shin, followed by my left.  Interesting ….


The reward afterwards was slaving in the kitchen for a couple of hours making a HUGE chocolate chip cookie, brownies, Hot Chocolate Cookies, Mocha chocolate chip cookies, & Fudge bites.  I may have overdone it on the chocolate side.  Then again, my name doesn’t start with a “C” for no reason – Chocolate, Coffee, Cycling.  That pretty much sums up my life!

I’m set for the week

Last week’s Recap:
Monday – Nothing (spin class was full 😦 )
Tuesday – Nothing
Wednesday – 45min Spin
Thursday – Unnecessary recovery
Friday – 50min Spin
Saturday – Nothing
Sunday – 9k Run (route map)

Upping the ante is an obvious observation.  At the same time, I’m wary about 2 things:
1) I’m entering my prime season.  Nope, not prime ‘performance’ but my prime ‘injury’ season.  My body is a strange creature.  From February to May, I am extremely injury-proned.  For the past 2 years, it’s normal to see me limping all over town.  There are advantages though – I get to hang out with my PT (she’s awesome!), use my insurance, AND learn about different muscles that I never knew existed!  WOW!!

2) Training needs to be fun; otherwise, it becomes a job.  I seriously don’t need more of that!!  I’m trying to avoid a rigid training schedule.  It creates stress, late dinners, & lack of sleep. Especially this early in the season, I’m striving for balance between work, friends, family, & training.  This is definitely a challenge!

In local news, are you as surprised as I am that Centurion Cycling recently cancelled all the New York events this year?  I haven’t raced there, but wow! Only 2 Ontario events remain (Horseshoe Valley & the Blue).

Any suggestions on August bike tours/races in Ontario?  My schedule is way too empty!

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  1. You wondered how to make training rides fun (or was it just jogging?). Do you eventually want to race or do a brevet/radonnee?

    Over time once you get past watching your time and mileage daily, you will rely less on the numbers on the cycling computer.

    And when cycling truly becomes part of your daily lifestyle –commuting to work, shopping and everything done by bike, then “training” fades in the background.

    By now, Metro Toronto must be whalloped with snow.

    1. Yep, probably 30+cm of snow by now. I’m training to increase my aerobic capacity & muscular strength so I can go longer distances, better pace, and higher gradients. I have races lined up but I do this for overall fitness level. I consider winter exercises “training” because it’s mostly indoors or running outside. To me, these aren’t my passion per se. Come spring when I hit the road on the bike, then it becomes less “training” and more “quality time outdoors”.

    1. Thanks! I recognize this ride – I believe I looked it up last year. It’s quite a commute there – over 2hr drive for me. I’ll keep it in mind though! Did you enjoy it last year?

      1. I did this ride in 2011 (the 100k “Two Ports Tour version”) and really enjoyed it. Mainly flat, with several short steep river valley climbs and occasional Lake Erie views. The lunch stop was good and there was all-you-can-eat watermelon after the ride was over. It was the only August ride I could find that year, other than the Tour de Terracotta which is a race (also very good if you’re into racing).

        1. Sounds like a nice scenic ride with the ability to maintain a good pace. In past August’s, I used to ride in MS bike tours. Unfortunately, they are changing it from a 2-day ride to 1-day this year which took all the fun out of it for me. Thanks for mentioning Terra Cotta. I’m going to look into it since I enjoy cycling in Caledon. The scenery & hills are top notch! I enjoy races, but I just need to check how elite these guys are!

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