Just Cut Them!

I have enlightened everyone in earlier posts with my go-to energy balls as snacks (See Post 1 & 2).  If you have tried them, do you have issues rolling them up into spheres?  I hope I’m not the only one battling this problem.  They crumple up when I roll them, except on rare occasions when I use too many dates and the batter becomes overly sticky.  Otherwise, I squeeze each one with my palm while pressing with my fingers to shape them.  This is fine if I only make a few spheres (the word, ball, just never sounds appropriate …. ), but can be quite tiring when I make a few batches at a time.  At this rate, I’m going to have carpal tunnel syndrome in a few months!!


A solution popped into my head last week – cookie cutters!!  Why I didn’t think of this earlier is still a mystery. My job became much easier – flatten all the batter on a cutting board, Bing Bing Bam!  Done!  Today I made Hot Chocolate Cookies and Fudge Bites again.  I’m still not sick of them nor will I ever be.  For the Fudge Bites, I followed the recipe, shaped them, then added a twist by throwing them in a 355F oven for 7min.  The flavour changes almost completely – less chocolate taste but the sugar in the dates gets heated up (kind of like how roasting a marshmallow tastes better than ones just out of the bag – get my drift? :D)



Ready for St. Patty’s Day tomorrow?  My green smoothie trumps any green beer …. either way, drink up!

IMG-20130316-00728 - Copy

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  1. I had a green juice for breakfast 🙂 (no guiness here either!). If I have an issue with the balls falling apart, I just wet my hands to give them a little moisture, but I like the idea of cutting & baking them too!

    1. You’re right, wetting my hands do help! Do you find yours “melt” if you bring them outside in a container? Putting in oven helps harden them up. I”m finding ways to make them more “durable” so they can substitute store-bought bars for long rides.

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