Season Kickoff

Above freezing with sunshine?  Say what?  Spring is here!  Time to reunite with my buddy after 4 months of hibernation.  I kicked out the door Saturday noon (literally, door was stuck!) with my bike to kickoff the season!

Garneau wants OUT!


I wanted an easy short route to regain the feel of my bike & assess its health.  Plus, I was excited to finally meet and ride with Garry & Adrienne, both mountain bikers at heart!  I originally planned a there and back on a familiar route to reduce prep work.  Then Friday night at 10pm, I thought, “Um, that’s boring!” and mapped out a looped route to try out new roads.  Procrastination at its finest!

So serene!

I was so thrilled to be back.  The first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, this is easier than spinning!”  It took a few km’s to regain basic skills like getting on & off a bike without steering off to the side.  It’s strange but after every winter hiatus, I lose balancing skills!

I was surprised to see lots of cyclists on the road – drivers must be pleased of our return!  Everything came flooding back: the rush, the serenity of the suburbs, going from cities to cities without a car, getting lost (yes, already!), constant lookout for McD’s washrooms, the awkwardness of stepping inside a coffee shop with spandex & helmet hair, and the grind up hills.  The route had 2 long hills – an expected one at 15km; and one at 26km that hit us by surprise.  It was winding with its steepest point at its peak.  This region isn’t called Halton Hills for nothing!  Oh how I missed the ability to eat and eat and not get full ….

Crusty carb, cheesy fat, meaty protein, & a bit of veggie ... perfect balance!
Crusty carb, cheesy fat, meaty protein, & a bit of veggie … perfect balance.

3 hours after an entire pizza, I was hungry again.  Fantastic ride guys!  This was a nice distance to start off 2013.  Next time, a little warmer & less road debris would be nice.  A little Spring shower may do the trick!

1st ride result


Sunday was another gorgeous day and I couldn’t let it slip by without another short easy route (really short!).  The aim was to try out my new saddle.  I’ve been using a narrow men saddle for 2 years & have been wanting a cutaway saddle for, I don’t know … over a year?  I just didn’t know what brand.  After reading a review on Specialized Ruby & seeing it in a Bike Show last Fall, I knew exactly what I wanted once the price is right.  Thanks to a certain someone for hunting down a good deal & another someone with a torque wrench, I can safely scratch off a 2013 wish item!

It was warmer & sunnier than Saturday but a tad windier.  I felt a subtle difference with the new saddle, relieving some pressure.  However, it was way too low which was strange since the seat post wasn’t adjusted last night!  I probably looked like a numpty out there – I couldn’t extend my legs; when I pushed off the ground, I’d always lift myself too high & missed the seat which made it hard to start the bike in line.  I resorted to cutting my route in half.  This might be the shortest ride I’ve ever had on this bike.  I’m okay with that – it wasn’t benefiting my knees at all!

saddle result

That’s a wrap for the weekend, it was fun!  Thank goodness it’s Spring!! 😀

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  1. Hope the saddle eventually works out for you – I ended up going just one size down; after a few rides I felt the largest size was too wide and I like the medium sized one much better. (looks like you got the medium sized one anyway). Saddle fits are different for everyone though!

    1. Saddle feels great, I like it so far!! I’ll see how it feels on a longer ride soon! Hopefully, once I raise the saddle up a bit, all would be good.

      1. Oh good – didn’t want to steer you in the wrong direction! I found that I had to move my new saddle up and forward a bit to get it comfortable, even though it wasn’t that much different than my Specialized men’s saddle..

      2. I moved my saddle as far forward as possible – my bike frame is a touch too big for me, so I hope this will compensate for it. I’m not sure whether I was “thinking” it feels better or it REALLY was better than the old saddle – only time will tell!

  2. Your average speed indicates that you were probably Areobic for most of the duration. This is excellent Base endurance training for this time of the season. TWO rides this weekend – excellent!

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