The Unexpected

2013 has only just begun but there are already unexpected changes & outlooks.

1) I won’t be forming a Ride for Heart corporate team.  Unfortunately, it’s not the best year for “company spirit”.
2) I won’t be riding the MS Tour .  It used to be 1 of my favourite tours.  Too bad a drastic route change was made that didn’t impress me.
3) Winter training is not going well.  Work has been emotionally & mentally stressful.  I haven’t been in the mood for any spinning the past 2 weeks.  I hope to get back on the saddle soon.

1) Running a lot more!  For 2 weeks now, I’ve been training with Running Room’s Half-Marathon clinic on Wednesdays.  I’m obviously the underdog, the one who lags behind.  IMG-20120421-00063Running isn’t my forte & I joined them when they’re on week 9 of their program!  Those guys are fast! I’m unsure how much longer I have the guts to run with them.  Too intimidating!
2) Deciding whether to race a 10K at a fast pace or a Half-Marathon at sloth pace this Spring.
3) Running tones muscles better than cycling.  After only 2 weeks – my hamstrings, quads, calves, & glutes are so sore but feel so much tighter.  As opposed to cycling which I find gives me a large derrière (TMI?)
4) Increasing need to foam roll!  So sore!!

1) After 2 years of hiatus, I’ve returned to home workouts.  I’ve been doing short workouts 1-2 times a week, primarily skipping & core/arm workouts on pull up bars.

2) Bought a food processor during Boxing Day.  I’ve been making lots of treats every weekend – I post them on Dailymile.  They help reduce my junk food cravings over the week to almost zero!  The snacks are all flourless.  They are typically made with dates, beans, oats, and cocoa powder.  Check out all recipes HERE – I LOVE IT!

There are pros & cons to these changes.  One thing for certain, I need to up my cardio these days!  I’m nowhere near my targeted goals yet!

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  1. This is all FANTASTIC C-LO! Those raw treats look amazing! I will be browsing those recipes for sure! Keep your head held up high and your spirit held higher-no one can take that from you….even BAM. Make this your year!

    1. BAM – haha, good one! Both my mom & I are so crazy about those chocolate pudding (or chocomole) you shared. So good. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Sounds like you’ve hit some kind of winter malaise of some kind when it comes to your bike. Riding for transportation rather than focusing on events is a good cure for that if you can (facilities at work for you and your bike etc).

    1. Winter always does that to me. It’s always tough. I don’t know how you “all yr round” cyclists do it. But when I’m bundled up in a thick jacket & roads salted from the snow, it can’t get myself to ride a bicycle with chilled wind whipping my face! LOL!

  3. cherry, you are such an inspiration with your workouts! even though you are not doing as much cardio i am sure those home workouts are helping with tone and muscle. can’t wait for you to ride come spring!

    1. I also can’t wait ’til Spring!! You & your blog is also 1 of my inspirations! You are always huge on running, so I really want to step it up this year with it too!

  4. I live in the desert and haven’t been able to get myself out in the “cold”! (we did have a serious cold snap last week, for us at least!) I find that the winter break refreshes my passion for cycling in the spring, so hang in there! So thrilled to hear you are getting some running in! Fastest way to lean out for sure.

    Your puppy is adorable!

    1. Thanks, that seems to happen in the past – when the warm weather comes, I suddenly snap back in focus. My dog is real cute – growing up too fast though! One minute she’s a pup, the next minute, she’s a senior at 12 yrs of age!!!

  5. These bites look great – I think I might have to make some this week 🙂 I understand on the winter biking stuff… I always run a lot more in the winter too. Biking in the cold is the worst!

    1. They are delicious. The appearance may not be the most appetizing, but the taste is there – I promise!!! Running is a lot easier in winter – less gears, less prep, less excuses!!

      1. Here’s some photos of the stuff I make from scratch:

        It’s some effort. I make a focaccia/pizza dough from scratch just flour, water, yeast and pinch of sugar to make yeast rise. I do put in a tiny pinch of salt. Anyway you’ll find recipe online. Then after rising, punching dough ..I embed the dough with grated ginger root, cinnamon, crushed anise seeds, (put nutmeg if you want) and sometimes grated lemon peel. Embed with fresh raspberries, blueberries, grapes, blackberries and other berry like stuff. Lace with honey.

        And pop in oven. So it’s fat-free, sugar-free. I’ve made it for a bunch of family and some friends at home. Dearie always wants me to make it at least evey 1-2 months. I leave the chocolate ganaches, his inventive fruit compotes, etc. to him!

        And Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake! Hope you visit my blog occasionally.

        1. Ok, you’re no sloth!! I checked it out. It looks fabulous & a lot more complicated than what I make! The closest thing I’ve made to that is making bread with a bread machine, and I can barely pull that off! For some reason, the yeast never cooperates, the bread doesn’t rise properly, & it comes out way too dense!

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