Spring Bike Show

I went to the 25th Annual Toronto International Bicycle Show today at Better Living Centre, Toronto.  It was raining today, but it didn’t dampen my spirits.  I had been looking forward to this event for the last few weeks.

This was much different than the Fall Bike Show.  It showcased the latest 2011 products from numerous vendors, Toronto BMX Jam competition, test-ride areas, taste-tests, & even fashion shows (bike apparels of course!).  I enjoyed the BMX competitions – the stunts that these riders pulled off just blew my mind.

I was so excited when I won free registration for Ride for Heart 2011 at the Heart & Stroke booth today!!  Yipee!  I was planning on participating in the event anyway – the 75km route.  With the registration fee out of the way, I only have to fundraise $150 HAHA! 😀

I didn’t end up purchasing any cycling apparels!!  SHOCKER 😮 !!  But that’s not to say I came out empty handed.  I bought a new helmet to match my new roadie, a Specialized wireless cycle computer, tire levers, & a patch kit.  Hey, these are touring essentials……just in case I have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.  Not that I know how to use them, but at least if I call 911, I have equipments for them to fix my tires.  (I kid of course :D)

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