My Roadie

I officially got my dream bike!!!  Today was the 11th Annual Toronto International Bicycle Show at Direct Energy Centre.  Lots of good sales going on since vendors were getting rid of 2010 items.

I literally raped my wallet.  I bought loads of goodies: a bike jersey, a bike pump, a pair of cycling shorts, leg warmers, & a pair of winter cycling gloves.

As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I crave a road bike!!  I know I just got a folding bike for commuting just a week ago.  But people, there’s a difference between COMMUTING bikes & PERFORMANCE bikes. I need a bike for speed….I need a road bike!!!

Near the end of the day, my bro (my bike expert) helped me browse through various vendors for a good deal.  We ended up at the Bike Zone booth.  There was a bike that caught my eye: Louis Garneau Axis 4.0.  It was red, white, & black – what a fantastic colour scheme, so Canadian!  It had Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur, & Shimano 105 front derailleur & levers.  That’s good enough for me!!!  After a quick chat, they gave me a price of $1400 including tax.  SOLD!

I immediately bought 2 bottle cages & a new water bottle (already have 1 at home).  It was way past lunch time by then & I was so hungry!!!  There was only a panini food vendor available…..I hate monopolies.  The food was extremely over-priced.  I opted for the cheapest item they had… dog, more than $4 for a tiny wiener!  WHAT THE HECK!

Anyway, I was too thrilled about my bike at the time to worry about this.  PLUS, I was eying a pair of cycling shoes while chowing down.  Yes, I ended up buying them!!   They match my roadie so well – red, white, & black!!  I apparently have men’s feet….women shoes were too tight on me.  Oh well.

Now I need a pair of cleats & pedals…..having a hobby truly is expensive!!

My bro snapped the first picture of my new LG while we were waiting for the train.  ohhh I can just see the joys of speed with this bike.

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