1st Nordic Experience

My bro & I decided to go Cross Country Skiing today for the 1st time.  It was an impulsive plan we devised last night out of nowhere.  I used to go downhill skiing every winter as a child, but I never liked it…..mostly because I hate falling & risk hitting a tree.  So I haven’t gone skiing for a couple of years now.  However, I’ve been wanting to try nordic skiing since last year.  Unfortunately, last winter was too warm.  Therefore, I jumped on the chance to go today…perfect weather condition – cold but not snowing!!


We went to Hardwood Ski & Bike located near Barrie in Oro. After putting on our gears, we were off for a one-hr Introductory lesson.  Let me tell you….I was absolutely hopeless going uphills.  I just kept sliding back down 😕 .  Luckily after a few tries, I mastered it  😀 ….at least at a newbie level.

We ended up skiing 3 trails:

  • Torino Trail: 5.4km
  • Nagano Trail: ~8km
  • Sochi/Nagano Trail: ~10km

I was quite annoyed initially because I could walk faster!!  It took me well over 1 hour to complete the 1st trail.  I could run that distance in less than 30 min!!  Geez!  We returned to the chalet for lunch after finishing the Torino Trail.  I had their Special of the Day: Ham & Cheese Rye Sandwich with a spear of pickle on the side.  I also had a cup of coffee….a much needed energy booster!

When we went on the 3rd trail, I was freaking out!!  I thought we would run out of  time.  There were signs specifically stating that the trails close at 5pm.  If we were not back at the chalet by then, they would send a search team to look for you & would charge you $100.  Holy cow!

It was around 4pm & we still had more than 5km to go.  This in “Nordic” talk for me is an overwhelming distance in one hr.  My bro & I were so darn tired & hungry by then….so we decided to take a shortcut route.   We ended up at the chalet at 5pm on the DOT!  Phew!!!

Before heading home, we stopped at Timmy’s for a warm bowl of Chili.  We were absolutely starving…..lunch was definitely not enough.

I was pleased with our ~23.4 km today.  That’s more than a half marathon distance!!  I can already feel the soreness come tomorrow!

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