Achilles 5K

I participated in my 1st race of 2011…..the Achilles St.Patrick’s Day 5K run.  My company is 1 of the sponsors, so I got to run for FREE!!!!  What a treat!  It was quite chilly today.  I was shivering at the starting line even though I wore my turtleneck baselayer, the complimentary Achilles T-shirt, & Lululemon’s Stride II jacket (which I love!).

I invited my brother to run with me…..he of course zoomed past me.  My final chip time was 28:01.  I was not happy with this at all.  It’s an improvement from the Resolution 5K Run back in Dec 2010.  However, someone at work who ran the race beat me.  I normally wouldn’t mind getting beaten because I know I am not the best at speed yet, but c’mon…..he was recovering from a cold that day (“& his thighs were aching”….his words) BUT he was still faster than me by 1 whole minute.  I vowed to myself to never let this happen next year.

After the race, we were treated to a nice big small bowl of chili, a bun, & a pint of cold Steam Whistle beer.  I also got some free goodies: 3 cans of Grace’s Unsweetened Coconut Water & a bottle of Irish Spring body wash.

If only I speeded up during the race, today would have been perfection.  Well, I will beat you next year “colleague-whom-I-shall-remain-nameless”….just you wait MUAHAHA 😛


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