Resolution Run 2011

New Year’s Eve never means countdown for me.  Instead, I run … well, at least for the last 2 years.  Just like last year, I signed up for Running Room’s Resolution 5K run at Port Credit.  I normally fuel up properly for a fitness event.  But I’m not sure what came over me in the AM today – maybe because it was only a 5K run??  I literally had a HUGE chocolate feast and at least 14 Belgian chocolate cookies. 😯  I knew I would suffer later but they were so yummy.  Sure enough, my stomach got extremely queasy an hour before leaving for the run. Way to go!! 🙄

Out the door wearing last yr's Resolution Run jacket. I also brought my gymboss for timing.

I arrived at Running Room 1.5 hours before the run to pick up my race kit.  YAY!  So excited to receive my new RR Limited-edition jacket! 😀  To kill time, I went to a nearby library.  This book stared at me in the face & I succumbed:

I then went to Starbucks across the street & did some last-minute reading (or training??).  I’m a procrastinator after all!!  😀

Of course, someone had to walk by and he jokingly said “You better train up fast!  The race is starting soon!”  HAHA 😆

By the time I returned to Running Room, lots of people had already gathered inside.  It was almost 5pm – Time to run!!!

I had a terrific run and the weather cooperated – mild temperature, no snow, no black ice!!  The route was the same as last year along the Waterfront Trail.  Even with all the chocolate I ate today, I ended up setting a personal best at 25:17:66 :D.  I’m surprised with the time because no matter how hard I tried last year, I could never go below 28min.  I’m wondering whether this route was actually 5km.  Interesting!!

After the run, we were greeted with delicious post-run refreshments – banana, cookies, muffins, coffee, hot chocolate.  I only had coffee since I was still full.  I’ve also come to realize how friendly runners are.  I loved how all these random people talked to me today.

What a refreshing way to end 2011.  Happy new year everyone!!  I hope 2012 will bring joy, success, and happiness to all! 😀

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  1. What a great way to end the year! And great time considering you were chocolates up. Yes runners are very friendly! Maybe even nicer than cyclist! Hope you have a fabulous 2012 🙂

    1. HAHA! I’d almost agree with you. I find cyclists have less time for chatting ie. making sure their gears are functioning properly, concentrating on speed, etc. But I have met lots of cyclists & some are now great friends of mine! 😀 Best wishes to both you & Bill in a joyous 2012!!

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