2013 Mississauga Half Marathon

An "expensive long walk" was my original thought for this year's Mississauga Half Marathon.  I didn't have much training and have never ran over 14.4 km in my life.  Ever since my shin issues a few months ago, I never quite regained my motivation to run, especially with cycling in high season right now.  My... Continue Reading →

2013 Achilles 5K

I winged another race, just a mini one.  To date, I've never been able to train for any running events.  I haven't laced up my runners since I mentioned the Achilles St. Patrick's Day 5K last month to recover some shin issues, except for a quickie 3km test run 2 weeks ago to assess my... Continue Reading →

Running a Detour

I seem to change my training "plans" every week, mostly detouring around running.  Last week, I spoke of "speed work" in hopes of beating a certain someone in an upcoming 5K.  This hope is now uncertain.  My shin pains still exist, in fact there are intermittent local pains even when sitting.  Have I also mentioned... Continue Reading →

Speed Work

Sprinting is not my forte.  I prefer expending my energy over long distances.  It's more pleasurable for my mind & body when I go long and steady.  However, this will be put aside for a short while.  From now until mid-March, my focus is on speed work. It was announced last Monday that my company... Continue Reading →

Just being Cautious

This weekend has been sunny & warm (as far as winter goes).  I shied away from last Wednesday's RR run since it was snowy & frigid in Toronto.  How do people run without traction aids on their shoes?  I've not seen anyone wear them! I owe myself a makeup run today.  After a hefty brunch... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected

2013 has only just begun but there are already unexpected changes & outlooks. CYCLING. 1) I won't be forming a Ride for Heart corporate team.  Unfortunately, it's not the best year for "company spirit". 2) I won't be riding the MS Tour .  It used to be 1 of my favourite tours.  Too bad a... Continue Reading →

The race I beat a turtle

That time again - Mississauga Marathon weekend.  Remember last year at my 10K?  Didn't even make it to the Start Line.  An unfinished business. I'm at it again this year.  Surprise!!  Another injury - piriformis (bum muscle).  My initial thought, "Here we go again!  Another DNF on my race history."  I have to change my... Continue Reading →

Just Hit the Pavement!

No more excuses!!  New shoes. New Skorts. What's missing?  The running!! I MUST get out of my running hiatus if I want to run an injury-free 10K in May.  I'm afraid of hurting myself again.  Running & I are NOT meant-to-be.  Motivation is lacking.  So I destroyed my wallet this weekend with purchases for running... Continue Reading →

Chill Challenge – Failed!

Another DNF.  I'm starting to see a pattern here.  Running & I are not destined for each other.  Another foot injury made me blow off another running event today.  Thankfully, it was a free event by Running Room - Fibre 1 Chill Challenge.  All participants have to run/walk for 20 min. Last couple of days... Continue Reading →

Resolution Run 2011

New Year's Eve never means countdown for me.  Instead, I run ... well, at least for the last 2 years.  Just like last year, I signed up for Running Room's Resolution 5K run at Port Credit.  I normally fuel up properly for a fitness event.  But I'm not sure what came over me in the... Continue Reading →

Kickstart Running with John Stanton!

It has been half a year since my Achilles injury, which means half long year of no running.  During this period of recovery, I've survived through wearing clogs as my only footwear, swimming as my only cardio activity, & emptying my bank account from weekly physio sessions.  Everyone in my proximity must be sick of... Continue Reading →

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