Being an energy bar junkie has flattened my wallet over the past year.  When selecting bars, I’m not concerned about whether they are organic; however, they do need to be natural (as much as possible).  Natural products are conveniently pricier than those overdosed with glucose-fructose.  I rely on them primarily for cardio activities (biking & spinning) & having good ingredients impact my endurance.  I’m a loyal fan of 3 brands: Taste of Nature, Larabar, & Clif Bar.

Not meatballs

Larabar has the fewest ingredients (never exceeds 9 ingredients) but is the most expensive.  The cheapest I’ve found is $1.65/bar at MEC.   Today I decided to re-create them to alleviate my budget – thanks to Jane from Eye It. Try It.  I followed her recipe with the exception of salt & vanilla.   That leaves 2 ingredients – almonds & dates HAHA. 😆 I don’t own a food processor & my blender couldn’t ground my dates.  So, my 1st attempt was a FAIL in terms of bars (too crumbly).  but a success as BALLS!  🙂  They taste a bit off from Larabar, but they still taste good.  Can’t go wrong with dates!

Clif Bar is the most filling.  They saved my life a couple of times for spin classes.  My 2 favourite flavours are Carrot Cake & Cool Mint Chocolate.  I hear they taste amazing if you microwave them first.  I’ve yet to try that!! 🙂

Taste of Nature is the most generous company & is 100% organic!  My 2nd shout-out (1st shout-out) & huge THANK YOU to their team.  They mailed me ANOTHER box yesterday after participating in their Taste of the Holidays program.  They always make my day! 😀

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