Adios Remington

Phew!!  I just came back from my 9PM swim.  I was satisfied with my efforts today….62 lengths (31 laps) in 50-55min.

I tend to wash my hair late at night, esp since I frequently go night swimming now.  In the morning…..a head of MESS!   I straighten my hair every other day at the least (i know it’s bad).  I own a Remington Wet2Straight.  Price was good & results were acceptable.  But the more I use it, the more I feel it’s pulling my hair.  I suspect it’s caused by the holes on the iron for venting steam as it heats up wet hair.

MOVE OVER Remington!!  Meredith, my colleague, was crazy generous enough to get me a flat iron during her recent trip.  It’s Jibere de Paris Porcelain Series.  I can’t wait to try it tomorrow AM!!  It’s an enormous step-up from my previous tourmaline+ceramic plate to the new porcelain ceramic.  I’ve no clue what this means & I don’t intend on Google-ing their molecular structures.  But I’ve “test-ironed” the latter & it was sleek 😀 !  Thanks Meredith!

I had to avoid my usual Latte Tuesdays at Second Cup today since  I already purchased a cappuccino from Starbucks yesterday…..& not in a mug either!  😦  Sorry!  To make it up to Mother Earth, I made my own cappuccino this morning.  Look at that sturdy foam!!

Excellent foam but awful coffee – very watered down.  I had to dump it at work.  😦

Laser hasn’t made an appearance for a while.   She’s perfect for this blog because: 1) She’s awesome; 2) She loves her fruits & veggies!  She absolutely loves carrots, apples, & even broccoli.  She would make the perfect kid!!! 😀 She would trade her rawhide bone for some carrots any day.

I took my bag of carrots out of the fridge this morning – in walks a wagging dog.  Look at that tail go!

She obviously got a carrot or 2.  How can anyone resist a begging dog?

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