Swim Success

I really pushed myself to the max at my swim tonight.  I literally swam nonstop for an hour…..didn’t take my usual 1-2 min breaks.

My endurance definitely improved lately.  Exhaling is extremely important in swimming, folks!  It improved my speed & helped me learn bilateral breathing.  Exhalation prevents a buoyant chest & reduces the need to surface for air.  Check this site out!  It taught me everything! 😀

I’ve planned out my long weekend today.  I hope everything works out.  Stay tuned!

I must do another coffee update.  I opened a new bag of Van Houtte!!  Make way for Sumatra!! It’s dark, bold, & woodsy!

A bold coffee calls for some sweetening.  I still haven’t learned my lesson with Stevia.  I added 2 drops, but it was STILL too sweet.  IMAGINE THAT?!  Luckily, the sweetness was manageable this time….no dumping needed!  I promise myself to only put 1 drop next time – I really have learned my lesson, I think 😕 .

Happy Easter everyone!

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