Not too “Shaddy”!

Today was such a gorgeous day!  En route to work, I took out my shades.  As I put it on…CRACK!  My new sunglasses from last year…… no more! 😐

I wasn’t planning on purchasing yet another pair this year, but I guess a change of plans!!  😎

Not a terrific start to the day, but I’m still happy from yesterday.  I get spoiled at work lately: boss fixed my bike, Meredith got me a straightener (& lots more unrecorded goodies), & yesterday Paola surprised me with a bottle of BBW Apricot Vanilla body spray!

The apricot scent is dominant based on a sniff-test straight from the bottle.  To all the hardcore vanilla fans out there like me, don’t get discouraged!!  This spray has such a fantastic formula.  The apricot scent only lingers briefly, leaving the vanilla scent all day long.  hmm Heaven!  Thanks Paola!

To make yesterday even better, I got my 1st box of business cards!!  😀  I’m officially part of the exclusive club.

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