No Gears Swapped

MEC Gear Swap today at the Toronto location!  It encourages people to recycle their used/unwanted outdoor gears (ie. cycling, cross-country skies, tents, backpacks, clothing).  I arrived ~ 1/2 hour early, but a bunch of people were already there!

I left empty-handed.  I was in at 11am & out at 11:20am.  I was secretly hunting for a pair of shoes for my tendon…ones without a back, almost like slippers….what are they called – slides, clogs?!?!?! 😕  No such luck!

For some stupid reason, I thought my tendon was ready for running shoes today.  I was fine as I walked out the door this morning.  But after only 10 metres, NOPE!  It was painful as ever on my way home from Gear Swap.  The pain PLUS the ice pellets hitting my face & strong winds were enough to put me to “involuntary” tears.  I think I just made my injury worst :cry:…..what will my physio say tomorrow at my appointment?


I was excited to try the chia seeds I purchased yesterday.  Oatmeal was an obvious choice.

  • 1/2 C oats
  • 1 C water
  • 2 spoonfuls Pumpkin Puree
  • 1 spoonful Plain Yogurt
  • 1 spoonful Organic Natural PB
  • 1 tbsp whole chia seeds
  • 4 dark chocolate chips
  • 4 seedless grapes
  • Dash of pumpkin pie spice & ground ginger

No gears today but I did purchase a coupon organizer on my way home.  My growing coupon collection is getting crazy.

I needed to cheer up from the pain when I returned home – I needed a cappuccino ASAP.  It was excellent…..until I added some stevia I purchased yesterday.  The sales lady AND the Stevia bottle advised me that Stevia is many times sweeter than sugar.  I was stubborn – how can 1 drop of Stevia be enough?  So I added 4 drops.  HOLY CRAP was it sweet!!!  I hate sweet coffee.  Sorry Van Houtte, I had to pour my whole cup to drain. 😦

Ugh, bummer!!  So I opted for Organic Ginger Tea (also purchased yesterday) & a square of Ritter Sport Chocolate.

The tea was made from organic black tea & organic ginger.  It tastes clean & smells gingery from the package.  But it didn’t TASTE gingery enough for me.  Nothing spectacular…not my cup of tea. 😎

I have a stash of Softlips at home because I’m obsessed with their French Vanilla flavour.  But after using my beeswax lip balm purchased yesterday, I’m hooked.  It’ll be tough to go back to “artificial” lip balm…..especially since the sales lady yesterday had a fit when I told her I use petroleum jelly.  She was initially at a loss for words & basically told me I have been absorbing poison in my body all these years.  Thanks for those kind words. 😯

Question: Is petroleum jelly really that bad?

3 thoughts on “No Gears Swapped

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  1. Yes, Petroleum jelly IS that bad. On top of it being bad, it also makes your skin need more moisture (how’s that for companies keeping you coming back for their product).

    Sorry you didn’t swap any gears-I don’t really understand that and would prefer it if you didn’t try to tell me about it on Tuesday. The stevia has never been my thing, I find it quite bitter-I would just stick to agave nectar or straight up organic cane.

    Finally how the HELL do you eat only one square of Ritter?

    1. Stevia has a weird lingering sweet taste. I prob won’t buy it again. Do you like Ritter Sport too? What’s your fav flavour? They’re still on sale at Metro by my house. I can get you one!!

  2. Oh I love almost all Ritters…I like the one that has the biscuit in it and the plain milk chocolate, and the one with the peppermint….hell, I like them all!

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