Easy Weekend

How do you start your weekends? 

It started last night for me with a good ol’ Friday night spin.  It really sets the tone for the weekend.  Next up, making coffee from scratch (the best way!) – from grounding beans to frothing milk.  I wish I have time to make coffee everyday!  Ah, the aroma of freshly ground beans!  😀 I used to swear by my French Press.  But I converted to my Moka Pot since December.  It’s more time consuming (~13min on the stove) but the resulting espresso is so rich & flavourful!  Go ahead, laugh at my Clam Chowder mug.  It’s my souvenir from my Boston trip a few years ago.

This is followed by a smoothie today.  Throw in 2C frozen fruit, 1C milk, 2 spoonfuls Greek Yogurt, & 1C water.  Feeling a bit adventurous, I threw in some leftover coffee to the mix.  I love coffee, but whoa, NOT recommended.  Don’t do it!!  I’m no advocate for Starbucks, but I love their To-Go Tumbler!

Finally getting amused by my dog.  Laser’s ambition in life is to continue licking until all the snow is gone (Gosh, she cracks me up!).  I’d never stop anyone from achieving their dreams. YOU GO GIRL!

I’m taking an easy weekend to recharge.  Probably taking that girl for a walk later on – gorgeous day!  And maybe a short home workout and meet up with some friends.

Have a fantastic weekend!

4 thoughts on “Easy Weekend

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  1. ahhhh the weekends! time to do things without rushing. and i love your dog! more dog pics in the future please!

  2. We love coffee! I keep a press at work and one at home and I use the one at work every day. I also have the Moka pot and it’s fun and tasty – just takes a little longer and since we have a big Gaggia automatic espresso maker we rarely use it. Now all that said, we love Lavazza coffee and in particular this one: http://tinyurl.com/c7g8a2m which you can buy from these people or Amazon or several other sources. Geez I sound like a coffee FIEND!!! HAHAHAH!

    1. There’s no issue being a coffee fiend. You’re speaking to one!! I also have an individual size Press at work; and a bigger one at home. I used to even grind coffee beans at home & bring it in a jar for work! Thanks for the recommendation. I have tried Lavazza before, but not that particular type. I need to give it a try after I finish all the coffee I have right now!

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