Grueling Saturday

I completely slacked off this week – mostly due to fun outings after work.  The last time I went swimming was Easter Monday!  To make up for this, I had a grueling schedule today: swimming in the AM and hot yoga in the PM.  This leaves me exhausted & ready to snooze right about now!

En route to the pool, I saw tons of bikers on the road.  As the peloton past by, I couldn’t help but felt jealousy building up inside me.  I’m getting frustrated with my injury.  I know there are injuries that are far worst.  But believe it or not, this is the most sustainable injury I’ve ever had & it’s not happening at a good time.  Swimming is getting boring… involves going back & forth in a rectangle after all. 😦  I really want to get on my bike or even put on my runners.  I’m slowly accepting the fact that I can’t participate in my race come May 14 ….. yep, money down the drain.  But please please please let me be okay by June.  I would be devastated if I miss my biking events.  😦

I heard about Moksha Yoga from my physiotherapist.  It’s a tad closer to my office than iam yoga & it’s less expensive.  I want to try out different hot yoga studios before “settling” down.  So off I went to Moksha today for their $20 Introductory Special – unlimited classes for 10 consecutive days.  I was excited to sport my new gears today….new lulu headbands!!  Not too exciting??  It is for me!!  😀

VerdictMoksha was as clean as iam yoga.  But I’m glad I went to iam yoga for my 1st yoga experience.  Moksha has a long narrow yoga room – there was space for only 2 rows of students.  It was difficult to watch the instructor; there was no space for her to be at the front of the room.  Luckily, I knew what to expect today & was semi-familiar with some yoga poses from last Monday.  For those who’ve done yoga before, this shouldn’t be an issue except to arrive early to get a spot!

I’m still debating whether to return to iam yoga after my 10 days.  Well in any case, I expect a grueling 10 days of hot yoga ahead of me. 😀  Get ready to sweat…..oh, and a lack of sleep!!!!!

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  1. I knew you would notice the difference! I think it’s good to try other studios though and if this one is more conveniently located then of course you should go there!

    1. Yep, it’s quite crowded esp during noon hours! My 2nd class today was quite pleasant – the instructor was really attentive! It’s still quite a walk from Union, approx 30min!

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