Mother’s Day Idea

I just planned out my Mother’s Day idea!  I came home from another wonderful & sweaty Hot Yoga session today at Moksha & re-read the Sweat Equity magazine from the Green Living Show (What an awesome cover by the way! :D).  I was curious whether I would view the articles differently now that I started yoga-ing.

Lo & behold, the 1st page was an ad for Moksha Yoga!!!  It contained a coupon for a free class!

How could I’ve missed that before?!  I’m queen of freebies here! 😛

Make way for a brilliant idea :idea:…..I’ll take my mom to a hot yoga session with me next weekend for Mother’s Day, followed by a lunch!  How fun would that be!  😀

Happy mother’s-day-planning, folks!!

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    1. Thanks for your comment & sharing your post! I find yoga very personal as well, although I find it easier to do yoga in a class than at home. That’s mostly because I’m really new to yoga & having a “silent” home is almost impossible!! However, I appreciate the “no-talk” policy in class & the instructor helps remind myself to relax.

      It was fantastic reading about your journey through yoga & for you to reach your goals. I’ve only been to 3 sessions so far & I’m hoping to reap its benefits soon!

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