Yuck, Shoe Shopping!

A productive day today!  I had a hair appointment in the AM – which is almost always a disappointment 😦 .  I’m used to that, so I digress.  This was followed by a doctor’s appointment – also a place I would rather avoid.  So far not so good, right?

My goal today was to go shoe shopping…..ewww gross!  I typically dislike shopping (except grocery shopping).  I tolerate clothes shopping occasionally, but shoe shopping is always annoying.  I’ve blogged about my Achilles injury before.  So I’m desperate for a pair of shoes without a back so my Achilles won’t touch the shoe while I’m walking (Trust me, I’ve thought of cutting out the back of my current shoes to avoid this shopping ordeal).

When I got to the mall, there was an Earth Month event…..free stuff???  Oh yes, count me in!!  They were giving out free Brita pitchers and Majesta paper towels!  A line-up was expected, but who cares 😀 ?

Time to actually ENTER the mall.  I was distracted by everything – bulk barn, some health food stores, jewelery.  Even in shoe stores, I was looking at their jewelery.  Their shoes….blah! 🙄

After 3 hours of walking around, my feet & Achilles were aching.  I had enough.  I know there’s a pair of shoes at Mark’s Warehouse I saw last Christmas that might be appropriate.   It’s not in this mall, but at an outlet mall near my house. I’m out of here!!

Before leaving the mall for Mark’s, I picked up some goodies to munch on in the car :D.  I was hungry!  I bought a can of Grace unsweetened coconut water and a box of Blue Diamond Nut-Thins from Bulk Barn.  I’ve never tried the latter, but I love Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze.  I can’t go wrong with this brand!!  It was on sale too, 25% off!

I also bought a jar of Sunflower Seed Butter at a health food store.  Now THIS is fun shopping!!

I didn’t know the exact location of Mark’s Warehouse within the outlet.  I decided to just park anywhere & walk around.  I wanted to give up as soon as I got out of the car.  Luckily, I parked right in front of the SoftMoc store.  Their display of Birkenstock shoes caught my attention.  I’ve always wanted a pair of Birkenstock sandals, but they are so expensive!  Today my impulsiveness kicked in…..I’m tired, I just want a flippin’ pair of shoes!!!  I really wanted their sandals, but I know I can’t wear them at work.  So I opted for their clogs.

They were expensive & way over my budget.  But as a person who hates shoe shopping, I wear all my shoes until they literally fall apart & are beyond repair.  I can give some examples:

  • My old winter boots: I wore them through an entire winter with a broken zipper
  • My current work shoes: The soles had holes in them & water can seep in.  My dad filled the holes with some rubbery stuff.  That was at least 3 yrs ago.  I’m still wearing them right now.
  • My old running shoes: Holes on the fabric.  My socks would get soaked on a rainy day.

I figure it’s time to treat my feet nicely for once.

3 thoughts on “Yuck, Shoe Shopping!

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  1. Amen and cue the angels. Cherry has bought a new pair of shoes!
    No, seriously glad that you did this….although Birks aren’t MY first choice, these will be so good for your feet.

    Now lets get you into some new running shoes…..

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