Fur here, Wagging tails there

I checked out the 18th Annual All About Pets Show today!  I was really excited at the entrance even after paying $12 for admission.  (Disclaimer: most of my photos are blurry; I didn’t want to blind the animals with flash)

The main features of the show were the dog demonstrations (in my opinion!).  First up, Dog Agility!

This dog is named Lola….a shout-out to Meredith‘s dog!

Next up, the highly anticipated DockDogs – Big Air Finals!  This is basically “long jumping” in water!

1st, the dog stays on the other side of the dock
Fetch the toy!
Keeping the dog warm after the jump

There was a parade of Carting Dogs.  Carting dogs are primarily used in charity events – giving rides & such.

Show exhibitors include dog clubs, rescue clubs, pet food stores, kennels.  Lots of dogs to pet!

I stayed at the Labrador Club a bit longer.  I couldn’t stop petting those labs, even though I pet one at home all the time!  😛

This booth would make Don Cherry proud….bull terrier!

A new breed of dog is in town……an Easter Dog!!!  😀

Brad Pattison was in the house!!  He’s the host of TV reality show “At the End of My Leash” & “Puppy SOS“.  Man, was he entertaining!!  I was in awe with his ability to interact with the audience….& of course, his training tips.

I am hands-down a dog lover, but I checked out other pets in the show.  There were cats……look at this teeny tiny kitten.  It’s an Oriental Shorthair.

Don’t forget parrots! (although I’ve my concerns with keeping parrots as pets.  I personally believe they aren’t intended to be domesticated & should belong in the wild.  But maybe that’s just me. 😕 )

There were also newly hatched parrots!

Don’t forget about horses!

All sorts of reptiles were present.

Can you spot the corn snake?
Bearded Dragon

Plus a reptile show….getting the audience to hold the snake is a given!

I cannot leave the show without purchasing some goodies for Laser…some free samples are always welcome!  I bought some biscuits & chicken tenders.

Let me bring out the best taste-tester.  First up, the Chicken & Barley Biscuit!  These biscuits are made from natural & organic ingredients.  The ingredients are comparable to MY cookies!!  😀

Next up, chicken tenders.  They were oven baked & were made with only ONE ingredient…..chicken fillets.   Healthy & delicious.

Haha! Laser’s going to kill me for putting this picture up. 😀

If I could purchase another dog in the future, it would be awesome to own a Newfoundland.  Then I would have my own Newfoundland & Labrador.  Get it? 😎

2 thoughts on “Fur here, Wagging tails there

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  1. I wish I had known you were going to this-I would’ve gone too!
    The Lola in that picture is awesome-my Lola is passed out next to me right now. She’s kind of upset with me for giving her a (much needed) bath. I bought her some treats too-wheat free! Since you now know where I live, I will take you to the local pet store next time.

    1. darn, I wished I dragged you with me. It would’ve been a whole lot more fun. Laser got a bath yesterday too!!!! She smells delightful.

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